Reporting on The Flood

The Tragic Revelation

The Isle of Ghost Tears

  • The night before they plan to investigate the haunted island Shu Lu gives the two living heroes a small glass ball filled with liquid. The liquid will change color if Anafiel ever loses control of the Manitou.
  • When they come to the island the first thing the heroes see is a crazy old man, named Genja. Traveling into the island, they take a picture with the spirit camera from the top of a hill and then walk towards a beam of light coming from the center of the island.
  • They find a pagoda with inscriptions that detail the tragedy of a Chinese woman who was scorned by her fiancé and died in The Great Quake, and now haunts the pagoda. The harrowed Anafiel recalls the legend of the Chinese crying ghost, and informs the other members of the posse that they are nocturnal.
  • The heroes continue to a copse of trees where one of the unhappy spirits throws rocks at the heroes. They run after the spirit and encounter several other ghosts that charge at the heroes. Abigale tries to call out to them, but when the ghosts descend Anafiel attacks. After a few blows the ghosts retreat and the posse leaves the forest.
  • They continue to look around the island, but find no sign of the glyph. They decide to return to the pagoda at night to meet the spirit of the tragic woman.
  • Abigale and Ray talk to the ghost who reveals that she knows where the glyph is, although it is not accessible to the living. The ghost promises to reveal the location and allow access if the heroes find what has been killing off the restless spirits on the island.
  • Anafiel deduces that the cause of the disappearances could be that of a sin eater. The heroes draw a connection between the behavior of the sin eater and the old man on the island and decide to confront him the next day.
  • The heroes find the sin eater, armed with a shotgun and hiding among the graves on the island. They successfully strike it down and the captured spirits escape. The posse bring the body back to Shan Fan and bury it in hallowed ground in a Christian cemetery to insure that the sin eater will not return.
  • Back on the island the ghost leads the heroes to a cliff side and the water subsides, allowing them to reach the glyph in the sea cave. Anafiel marks the symbol with his blood and triggers the glyph.
  • On the way back up the cliff side the water rushes back in. Ray uses one of her devices and creates portals to transport the posse back up to the top.

The End

They lie by the edge of the cliff, Ray and Abigale gasping for air, as the ocean waves spray a light mist over them.

After a few moments, Ray speaks up. “S-sorry about… I’ve never tried that with so many people at once… it tends to…”

“That’s all right.” Abigale sighs as she sits up. “It’s a good thing you brought all those gadgets with you.”

“And you’ll never use them again.”

Abigale and Ray turn their faces towards Anafiel, but what they see brings a chilling disquiet that erases all the previous joy. On Anafiel’s usually kind face, there is an unfamiliar, murderous expression with a sadistic pair of eyes. A glint bolts outward.

Rays stumbles to her feet, but the katana catches her above the shoulder. She raises her other arm sporting the telekinesis device and fires, but the device only vibrates on her wrist, sending her feedback that it is overloaded.

Abigale raises her own katana and strikes wildly at the attacker, who neatly pivots, deftly parries the strike, and returns the blow a split second later to slice through her arm. She backs up, fear spreading outward from her very core, her entire visage frozen in alarm.

“It’s a good thing I didn’t tell you how the medallion works!” She shouts.

“I’ll eat it out of you,” says a voice no human could possibly utter in ones imagination. Anafiel would never utter such words together. The attacker lunges at Abigale and attempts to bite savagely into her already wounded arm, but she scrambles out of the way.

Both women struggle to stay standing; their legs feel like lead. Ray holds out her telekinesis device, Abigale plants her feet into the earth.

Suddenly, a wave of nausea washes over them. Their stomachs wrench in the most horrible hunger pains they have ever felt and they double over. The feeling rushes to Ray’s head and she collapses. Abigale pushes hard to keep the pain in her stomach and looks up at her attacker in horrifying realization. She looks for a split second at Ray, motionless, and turns in flight.

She stumbles and claws at the rocky earth as she struggles to move her aching legs, her entire left arm now soaked with blood. The attacker reaches out, slashes the katana across her back and she falls to the ground, now crawling away. It casually walks over, violently grabs her and flips her over.

“Abigale, Abigale…so naïve, so trusting.”

She looks right back at the thing, death hovering above. “Face stealer,” she hisses between labored breaths, her face wet.

“Face stealer? He stole my face. I stole his.”

“The earth spirits will never let you trigger The Flood.”

It smiles. “Oh, the Flood. Thanks for that by the way.” It leans closer towards her. “You always were the one I hated the most, this nobody who, for no reason at all, decided to be good. The words you spoke to me when you foolishly thought I was your tragic friend Anafiel; I wanted to rip your tongue out and eat it. Tell you what, I’ll give you a chance to say some more words, to deliver a soliloquy for your death. Go ahead.”

She closes her eyes and slowly breaths in and out her last breathes. The face stealer raises its sword.

Suddenly, she rolls over the side of the cliff, offering her body as sustenance for the fish of the sea. But her descent is cut short and she opens her eyes to find herself hovering high above the surf, the face stealer’s arm outstretched.

It raises its sword again, aiming for her head, but she rolls again and the strike falls short. With a snarl it waves its arm and she resumes her fall into the sea.

Salt-water rushes into her mouth and nose and the waves thrash her about. She struggles to move, but her injured and fatigued arms will not rise above her head and a few seconds later she is thrown against the rocky cliff side. Flesh bruises, bones fracture and break, but pain does not follow, there has already been enough pain. Now there is peace that only the darkness of permanent sleep can bring.

Back up on the cliff, the abomination that emerged from The Great Quake, first bearing Ezekiah Grimme’s face, now possessing Anafiel’s dead body, returns to Ray’s body and ruthlessly punches her in the face several times. Then it removes every gadget and gizmo from her arms. One of them gives off a whizzing noise as it comes off. Before the abomination can do anything the gadget gives a ping followed by a burst of steam that sends it careening off the cliff and into the sea as well.


Darkness was what came immediately before, then…

Gasp! You push yourself upward, up, up out of the viscous substance that surrounds you, until you feel air and take a deep, desperate breath to fill your lungs.

You take a moment to gather your bearings and find yourself standing waist deep in what looks like tar, in the bottom of a large pit. Above glows an ambient red light, but nothing else hints as to what could be up there. You see Abigale and Ray with you, dripping with black liquid, looking the same as you remember, but for some reason Ray is wearing a lab coat along with all her gadgets.

Down at your feet is a Motorola, but this one is open at the back, a glow emanating from inside. You remember your curiosity about the workings of the strange devices, but never could find a reason to justify opening them up against the risk of damage.

Just then the liquid near you begins to churn and you move out of the way. Another human figure bursts out, giving a similar, gasping breath.

After a moment the person stands, coming into the light, and you see…



relativistic relativistic

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