Reporting on The Flood

The Glyph at Dragonhold

  • The angel continues attempting to force its way further into the church and the fire gets worse. Screams of people are heard coming from inside. When the heroes attack the barrier collapses and the angel flies into the interior.
  • Inside Max is with Monroe, who has been badly injured. After the heroes wound the angel it grabs one of the people inside, demanding Monroe. Anafiel steps forward, offering his life in exchange for the innocent man’s. Max tricks the Angel into believing that Monroe has already died and the Angel releases the man in exchange for being allowed to leave.
  • After saving Monroe’s life and catching him up on recent events the heroes and Max make their way down to the portal in the depths of Quarrytown. Opening the portal to Dragonhold they discover a door in front of them. A man by the name of Tony answers the door and says that he will take them to Sutton Thacker.
  • Hundreds of miles from where they started the heroes are lead to the large outdoor arena in Dragonhold. Sutton Thacker is putting on a performance with one of the largest maze dragons they have ever seen. It obeys his every command as it jumps through flaming hoops and performs other tricks. How Thacker controls the dragon is uncertain to the heroes, but with discomfort they recall how the ancients of Quarrytown controlled dragons.
  • After the show ends Thacker meets the three in his office. He tells them he has found a glyph and they discuss how they will share the portal when Tony interrupts, saying that some people from Lost Angels have arrived and wish to speak to Thacker.
  • The heroes exit the only door out of the office and see Andrea Baird standing outside with a few robed guards from Lost Angels. She immediately recognizes some of the heroes and after exchanging a few words laced with venom she enters the office, leaving a guard to watch them.
  • Abigale and Anafiel provoke the guard and he charges at them with a knife. Abigale hits the man’s back with the flat of her katana, knocking him out. A moment later Baird exits the office, now more angry than before. Thacker enlists Tony to carry the unconscious man back to the docks with the departing Lost Angels.
  • Thacker explains that he would make no deals with Baird and the heroes follow him and Tony to the glyph. On the way they see that the steam launch from Lost Angels has stopped dead in the water due to mechanical failure.
  • All five of them put on purple robes before heading into the water filled caves and after a few hours of travel they see the glyph out on a island connected to the main path by a wooden bridge.
  • Out of the corner of her eye Abigale sees Tony raise his gun at their backs. She calls out a warning and the shot misses. Thacker takes off, running to the glyph and Anafiel follows to stop him. Abigale and Ray face off against Tony, who transforms into a woman, and releases three bloody ones.
  • On the island Anafiel attacks Thacker, injuring him before he reaches the glyph. Thacker, enraged and cursing, uses his huckster powers to partially phase out of physical form and calls on the dragons.
  • Back on the bridge the woman extends a large tongue to swallow a bat and transforms into that shape, flying towards the glyph. Ray charges back towards the glyph and reaches there first, activating it with a cut on her hand.
  • Bright white light fills the cavern. The bloody ones shriek and dissolve. The bat flees. Dragons begin to fill the waterways in the cavern and Ray levels her gun at Thacker’s head, ordering him to call off the attack.
  • After a very tense conversation the three heroes realize that Thacker had no knowledge of “Tony’s” deception. Drenched with blood Abigale deeply apologizes on their behalf and Anafiel cures him of his injuries. As part of making amends they promise to find the real Tony. Thacker begrudgingly calls off the dragons and they return outside.
  • Under the pretense of offering to repair their steam launch Thacker and some of his men distract the messengers from Lost Angels still drifting in the waters near Dragonhold to allow the heroes time to infiltrate the vessel. Below decks they discover Tony’s grizzly remains as well as a map on the Maze, dynamite, and the picture of a painting of a glyph signed with the name “Pating Lee”.
  • Back in Dragonhold the heroes present their findings to a still disgruntled Thacker, who accompanies them through the portal with some of his men to study the mechanics of the portal.
  • The heroes ask Max to send a telegram to the White Lotus Society about the painting and they decide to make the next place they investigate Devil’s Postpiles.


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