Reporting on The Flood

The Angel of Death

Morning Rounds

  • Early the next day our heroes discuss how to address the food crisis, Captain Blood’s attack on the supply ferry, and the serial killer in Quarrytown, Garret Black.
  • Abigale, Jo, and the secretary, Hattie, meet with the mining companies and major businesses in Quarrytown. They successfully convince them to release some of their surplus food to the town and provide some ships for a surprise attack against Captain Blood in five days. Meanwhile, Max goes to the weird science shop to look into obtaining three sets of sonic earmuffs so that the heroes can rescue Elijah Lewis and reach the glyph in the wailing caverns.
  • To her alarm Dr. Graham Steton, the scientist working at the shop, reports that Garret Black has also expressed interest in this equipment. Max offers him payment and convinces Steton to replace Black’s order with their own. Steton cautiously agrees and closes shop to work on the project.
  • When the posse reunites they realize that Black will not be pleased when he hears about this change and they decide to keep watch outside the shop. At about four o’clock in the afternoon Garret Black and five other hardened looking men show up.
  • Upon seeing the closed sign Black, cursing, barges in. The posse hears him begin to threaten Dr. Steton. They run up, open the door and see Black with his gun trained on the unfortunate scientist.

The Flight of Garret Black

  • For a minute there is a tense standoff. Black analyzes and taunts the posse; they attempt to diffuse the situation, but he and his men are itching for a fight. Then Black points out Abigale’s relationship to the current murder suspect and bullets begin to fly.

“Fire boys.” Black’s cold voice fills the room.

You hit the deck and hear five men with pistols double tap all at once. Glass shatters, metal ricochets. You feel a sting on your shoulder that must be a bullet passing a hair’s breath away from your skin. You shrug off the close call and roll behind a display case.

Black’s men duck for cover as well behind shelves and desks. You think everyone has some manner of protection, until you look and see Black still standing in the center of the room, a disturbing smile on his face as though he relishes in all this violence.

“I am the Angel of Death! I have been sent by God’s chosen prophet to cleanse this town of its wicked! You will fall before me and deliver the false priest!”

When Black finishes his ominous speech a pistol appears out of nowhere in his right hand while his other hand reaches just behind the gun barrel.

You duck back down as he sprays the room with metal. You and Abigale pop up to take shots of your own. Max runs forwards to throws a desk over two of the five goons. The far edge crashes into one shooter’s head followed by a sickening thud-crunch. Jo sprints to the center of the room and you hear him clash weapons with Black. Taking another shot of your own, one of Black’s men falls over, his leg twitches for a moment, and then he lies still.

Now you swing your sights over to Black, but what stands there stops you cold in the moment. Black’s eyes flash crimson red and an aura of darkness shrouds his entire body. At his chest and head the shadows meet to form shapes resembling plates of armor and a large hood.

Jo swings his bowie knife and misses as Black runs up to the largest window in the shop. He turns and looks right at Abigale.

“You’ll never see your brother again.” He smashes the glass and disappears outside.

You run up to the opening and have a flashback. Back at the Rock Island Prison, during your desperate escape in the boat, a frightening dark figure with wings attacked with bolts of lightning. You thought you had seen the last of the thing when Jane fired and it tumbled out of the air into the waters of the maze, but now this figure appears before you, wings and all.

With this realization you steel yourself and fire with Jo and Abigale. Max flings a throwing knife, striking it in the forehead.

There are puffs of darkness where bullets and blade impact and Black snarls more in rage than pain. His wings begin to spark and you notice the wind coming out of the canyon below begin to pick up. Clouds swirl overhead until the sky opens up and a column of light shines down. Black’s wings disintegrate and he shoots straight up into the sky like a comet, vanishing into the light. The clouds quickly swirl behind, concealing his exit.

  • In the aftermath of the fight the heroes calm a hysterical Dr. Steton. They promise him protection and he agrees to finish the sonic earmuffs.
  • Lacy O’Malley barges in, hoping to get a scoop on the news about a gunfight, but does not expect the posse to tell him that they had a fight with Garret Black.


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