Reporting on The Flood

Return to Devil's Postpiles

  • Due to Anafiel’s condition the heroes decide to arrive at Devil’s Post-piles during the day. However, as soon as they step outside they hear an alarm go off. A few moments later men flying through the air with rocket packs approach and open fire. They dive back through the portal and close it.
  • Deducing that the alarm goes off whenever undead appear, even Anafiel, they decide they need to cover of night and come back to Devil’s Postpiles after sunset. The alarms are going off and they see a fierce battle underway between an unknown force and the Union fort around the postpiles.
  • On the way to the fort the heroes see all sorts of undead creatures attacking and several zombies carrying a large package. On the hills in the distance three figures are seen overlooking the battle.
  • At the fort wall Ray teleports themselves across to the other side. Hiding besides a small building they see that the fort is crowded with several nervous officers from the Agency while an automatic gatling gun in the tower fires down on the outside. Inside the building they are next to they see several civilians inside including the witch cradling The Child in her arms.

You hear a shriek in the air and then…


The tower and gatling gun explode. Someone, just outside, is now raining shells down on the fort.

Everyone that was previously loitering around the fort on edge, jumps up, grabs any weapon on hand, and runs to the walls. The small group of men you saw playing poker leaves their card hands scattered on the table. From the building that you guessed were barracks several men and women run out, the last of which is…



What is she doing here? The last you saw of her she was departing on the same train as Sam Hellman. Why is she involved with the people here?

Regardless, you see a chance to stop hiding and get involved without argument. You all run towards her and the other officers firing down from atop the walls on the undead swarming by the entrance.

“Jane! Jane!” Abigale waves her arms up at the woman. She turns and her eyes widen as she spots you. She quickly comes down.

“Abigale, Anafiel? What are you doing here?”

“We were trying to get into the postpiles.” Anafiel says. “How can we help?”

“If that artillery fire would just stop we would have the upper hand for sure. Not sure how to get over to it with all this mess and without being seen, though.” She gestures at the groaning door behind her and the shrieks and moans of the undead. Another shell lands inside the fort, leaving a small, dusty crater.

“A small group of people should be able to sneak over and take it out. We could do it.” Anafiel volunteers.

“We’ve got dynamite!” Ray holds up her three sticks.

“Who are you?”


“Uh, pleased to meet you.”

“What are these things and why are they attacking?” Abigale asks.

“Well, ever since the fort was set up we’ve had to contend with attacks from the undead while we’ve been trying to figure out how to stop whatever’s causing it. But a few nights ago two of the deceased junior agents joined their ranks and started coordinating the attacks. Since then it’s gotten worse every night.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll stop them,” Abigale says and Anafiel puts a hand on Jane’s shoulder. It’s been a long time and you all have a lot of questions for her, but no doubts.

“All right, let me grab a ladder and we’ll set you down over there.” She points at a section of the fort wall a distance away from the main fray.

  • The heroes quietly make there way to the artillery site and see several zombies and one undead agent coordinating the fire. Ray’s dynamite blows up the gun and Anafiel and Abigale get into a fight with the agent and the zombies. The agent flees after being severely wounded and six zombies surround Abigale. Ray activates her portal gun to transport Abigale back to the fort where she beheads the two zombies that came with her and reunites with Agent Clemens.


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