Reporting on The Flood

One Journey Ends...

  • The heroes decide to start a fire north of the cave to create cover and gain entrance to the enclosure.
  • When the guards start fighting the blaze Anafiel runs towards the ghost rock generator to shut off the power to the flood lights.
  • Guards and martial artists determined to “protect the child” surround Anafiel and wound him. Max puts on the necklace and takes control of one of the Gatling guns in a watchtower. Abigale fires on guards with her pistol.
  • Max sees a ghost appear, wielding a pistol and demanding the return of her necklace. She takes it off and the ghost lingers for a few moments to take another shot before vanishing.
  • Someone from one of the other watchtowers starts to fire on the other guards and aid the posse. As the fight winds down a guard runs into the cave calling out “Take me with you!” A moment later a horrible squelching sound is heard coming from within.
  • A Gatling gun malfunctions and the remaining guards die in the explosion. Anafiel’s wounds become too severe and he passes away.


relativistic achrmy

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