Reporting on The Flood

…Another Begins (The Liberation of Shan Fan)

  • The two surviving heroes move Anafiel’s body into a respectful position. Abigale breaks down in tears over the loss of her friend and gives a brief eulogy.
  • Skinny Jim, the man who fired on the guards and helped the posse, walks over to join them. He is a member of the resistance against The Child.
  • Right about now the two guards working to qwell the fire return. Abigale shoots one down while Max knocks out the other.
  • After the fight Anthony, a member of the Twilight Legion on errand to assist the liberation of Shan Fan approaches. After brief introductions the three of them go into the cave together. Inside they see globs of human remains, the remnants of the amulet’s abomination. On the far wall the petroglyph glows.

You take a step forward.

Suddenly all of the fragments move at once. They form one single shape, rear up, and strike down at Max.

She takes a step back and stabs upward at the quickly descending mass, her tonfas wrapped in electric wires.

Sparks fly and the creature gives a violent shudder before all parts separate and rapidly retreat to the walls.

Abigale charges forward with Anthony. She brings the katana against her left hand in midstride, slices, and thrusts her bleeding hand out in front of her. She focuses on nothing else but the glowing glyph just within her reach.

Behind her the fleshy globs coalesce and swarm around Max who holds her tonfas out in front of her.

Thud Abigale slams her hand against the wall.

A split second. Nothing.

The creature swerves and dives toward her.

Splat! All at once a rock from the ceiling collapses on the creature. In a puff of decay and dust it finally dies.

Before you all can fully gather in the details another vision appears before your eyes. The earth spirit stands in front, now visible to all of you. The chains, mail, and ugliness melt away, revealing an awe striking fay with antlers atop its head.

  • The earth spirit thanks the heroes and reaffirms the agreement to trigger The Flood. Any further communication is limited due to the disparity between the spiritual world and the physical and the earth spirit soon vanishes.
  • When the heroes exit they see several fires ablaze in Shan Fan and the sounds of intense fighting. Now that The Child’s influence has ended most of the city is in chaos. The heroes head down to the city and split up, planning to meet up at the estate. Anthony rescues dazed citizens and bolsters people’s spirits, suffering from withdrawals of the euphoric telepathy. Abigale and Max take Anafiel’s body to The White Lotus Society.
  • Once they arrive, Abigale and Max find the book of spells that Anthony told them concerned the operation of the containment around Shan Fan. Pennington-Smythe and Shu Lu had constructed the barrier around the city to prevent The Child’s influence from spreading. The heroes need to follow the written instructions in the book to dismantle the spell that has been laid out in the vault of The Explorers Society.
  • The heroes reunite at the burning estate. Inside they meet the leader of the resistance and Abigale recognizes him as her friend, Liang, a companion from their previous endeavors. They deliver the sad news when Liang asks about Anafiel.
  • He tells them about the latest attack by the resistance. The explosion blasted apart the building where nefarious experiments were taking place to discover a method to liberate The Child from its connection to the cave. There was further struggle and the resistance was about to seize The Child when the caretaker revealed herself to be a witch and attacked, wounding Liang. They would have been finished had not The Child then screamed and slowly begin to shrivel. The witch acted quickly to save his life and fled with him to a point just beyond the barrier. The heroes believe this coincided with their actions at the cave.
  • When the heroes approach the barrier the witch attacks and expresses her hatred for them, especially Abigale. However, Anthony is able to appeal to her concerns for The Child, now an infant. He offers a portion of his blood to strengthen The Child as long as the witch swears by her gods to leave them and the city alone from this day forward. She agrees and drains Anthony’s blood until he is faint, but conscious. She then departs with The Child.
  • They depart for the vault and after careful reading of the book they move a few stones in the configuration. There is a rush of air and they heroes understand they successfully lifted the barrier and revived all the people who were previously comatose.


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