White Lotus Society Missions

Hello, and thank you for your interest in the White Lotus Society.

Please note that the following missions are open to anyone willing to take up the task. First to accomplish it will be the one to receive payment. We are generally interested in studying the relationship between personal chi power and the natural feng shui energy inherent in the natural world. We want measurements and samples at locations rumored to be spiritually active.

Note, upon consulting our lawyers, we don’t mind you separately writing a story for the epitaph summarizing your adventures at these locations, so long as items of scientific interest are not divulged. We don’t want others scooping us on our research!

Pay listed is very approximate, and depends on the quality of the data collected (both picture, sample, and note quality). We will of course negotiate additional payment for interesting findings.

The Camera

Congratulations! You have proven yourself to be one of our best contributors, and have been entrusted with the Spirit camera. Please note that this camera is on loan, and costs more than you will probably make in your lifetime. Please be careful with it!
The plates should ideally be developed within an hour of photos taken for best results. Replacement fluid and plates can be ordered from Smith and Robards at


Fellheimer’s Folly (Approx $200-$400)

Supposedly a dead corpse (that of the miner Augustus Fellheimer) has been hammered to this rock for over a year, and it hasn’t rotted, or been eaten by any animals. Located in Lost Angels area.

  • $150 — GOOD spirit camera readings. Please keep the camera steady, and get all angles of interest.
  • $50 — Sample of the body.
  • $extra — Explanation of phenomenon.

Devil’s Postpiles (Approx $150-500)

One of the local legends. Some strange large rock structures located on the northwest border of Kwan Province. Local lore suggests that a dead person buried there will rise again. There are tales of pilgrims burying their loved ones there.
Note: The white lotus society does not endorse experimenting on one’s own loved ones.
Note: As usual, we do not inquire as to the source of data collected

  • $100 — GOOD spirit camera readings. Please keep the camera steady, and get all angles of interest. Interested in if readings vary throughout time of day (legend states night is when the dead one is revived).
  • $150 Confirmation or negation of rumors that the piles have restorative properties.
  • $50 Sample of rock.
  • $250 Spirit camera of dead taken during resurrection event.
  • $extra Explanation of phenomenon

Lost Angels Cathedral and Altar (Approx $100-$250)

Here, we are primarily interested in the Blessed, or individuals that claim extraordinary powers derived from a higher power. We are interested both in the people themselves, as well as the totems they may be using for channeling their “miracles.” Note that Grimme generally is private, and getting permission for these photos may be difficult.
Note: The White Lotus Society does not endorse trespassing on private property.
Note: As usual, we will do not question how data is collected.
$10 Image of Cathedral
$50 Image taken of city from atop cathedral
$30 Image of alter
$20 Image of Grimme
$100 Image of Grimm (or acolyte) performing “miracle”
$50 Sample of Altar
$500 Grimme’s Walking Stick (if any other evidence is found of supernatural nature of Grimme).
$Extra: Explanation/notes on source of higher power.

White Lotus Society Missions

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