The Elders

The Elders are thirteen men and women that form the highest level of hierarchy in the Church of Lost Angels besides Grimme. Some of them are skilled fighters and have arcane backgrounds. They are not only complicit in the evil doings of the Church of Lost Angels they are the architects and the first followers of the Church.

It all started in the aftermath of the Great Quake when survivors were stranded and the thirteen killed and cannibalized their fellow man, including their own pastor, Reverend Ezekiah Grimme. As a result of their heinous crimes an evil amalgamation was made from their collective souls and made itself present in the bodily form of the deceased Reverend.

Now the Elders are immortal; when they die they simply reform in the Cathedral in the City of Lost Angels and return to full human form in thirteen days.

So far the posse know the names and locations of the following thirteen Elders:

Darren Ambrose – City of Lost Angels
Andrea Baird – City of Lost Angels
Michal Coulter – City of Lost Angels
Caroline DeCarlo – Traveling Missionary
Gabriel Fannon – City of Lost Angels
Horace Mosley – Progress
Lily Spratt – School Mistress, City of Lost Angels
George Washington Woolbright – Traveling missionary

The Elders

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