Huckster Cantrips

Cleans or dirties an item. good for doing the washing! for some reason the wizards guild has put a ban on casting this on brooms, for reasons they wont tell anyone….

Changes the colour of an Item one colour per casting, Can be applied to an item mulitple times for a multi coloured affect.
Can only affect a number of square cm per casting equal to the casters Spellcasting, so a mage witha d6 in spellcasting, would be able to cover 6cm2per casting.

Make a copy of a page of text. Must have paper and writing implments to hand. In a cyberpunk work, can put a copy of the data onto another disk with an average spellcasting roll.

Ignites a small flame, like a cigarette lighter.

make a small globe of light covering 3", or a beam 1" wide and 6" long.

Minor Illusion
creates an entertaining illusion no bigger than the caster. The effect is obviously an illusion, and doesnt fool onlookers, its only for effect.

Fixes one break.fracture in an inanimate object. To put humptey dumptey back together again would require a lot of casting, for instance!
The size of the object can be no larger in cubic cm than the casters die in Spellcasting.
Trappings; in a post apocalyptic western horror game, or even a modern game, it might appear as supergluing the break together. Cannot be used on living things.

add a flavour to a food, say salt, or basil.

Unseen Arm
Provides a fixed anchor for a single thing, eg hold a book for you instead of a lecturn. Maintained by very slight concentration – other actions are OK, but no other spells may be cast while maintaining this.

Makes one item waterproof, up to and including imersion. GM’s choice as to whether a bag waterproofed in this manner would keep its contents dry underwater..

A small, very hot flame springs from the casters finger of choice, allowing them to perform spot welding or similar actions that you could perform from an acetelyne torch. In combat, the spell isn’t much use, as the caster isn’t able to maintain the concentration required and fight. Sorry!

makes an item damp (say, a cloth before going into a burning building), or dry (say, your favorite cloak after a trek through the red swamp.

Huckster Cantrips

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