Chinese Powers

There are several powerful Chinese forces that have emerged in California since the Great Quake of ’68.

Big Ears Tam and the Shan Fan Triad

The Hsieh Chia Jen, or “Family of Deliverance”, is the “law” in Shan Fan. Most folks just call them the Shan Fan Triad. Big Ears Tam runs is head of the Triad. The Shan Fan Triad is tremendously wealthy due to the protection money it takes in. Despite the “tax” though, the Shan Fan triad doesn’t usually get in your face unless you cause trouble, and allows business to florish, so it can be popular amongst some.

Beneath Tam, there are the so-called “big brothers”, who have their own Tong gangs, constantly squabbling for face and control over parts of the city. The two most powerful are Rat-Skinner Hou and Thin Noodles Ma, constantly in fight for more territory with each other.

Warlord Kwan and Kwan Province

Kwan makes no secret that he expects to run California someday, telling his followers that his totem spirit guide tells him he is destined to take over the territory. Also in his destiny is apparently to place a white man, Joshua Norton, as “Emperor of California”. Who has the real power here is a topic of frequent conversation and speculation. Both live in Kwan Province, which consists mostly of lumber towns.

Kang and Iron Dragon Rail Co.

Kang runs the Iron Dragon railroad company, as well as a healthy fleet of pirate ships. He has three pirate fort towns in the maze. The Abysmal, his flagship, is the terror of the maze. His forces are sometimes called the Lion’s Roar triad. Many of his men were actually based in Ghost Town, whom he lost when the bomb fell.

New Tomorrow Triad

Want to assimilate with western culture, think that’s the future. They run several fishing villages north of Shan Fan.

37th Chamber

Shaolin monks who regularly disrupt ghost rock shipments, and are considered terrorists by some, legends and heroes to other. Mostly stay out of Triad business.

Chinese Powers

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