Reporting on The Flood

The Battle for Shan Fan
A great evil meets its end...
  • As the posse depart from Dragon’s Breath they see a large bird carrying something fly north away from Kang’s palace. With the spyglass they see that the bird is carrying the body of Kwan.
  • Given a possible blockade the posse convince their captain to check with Pete at his used weapons depot and approach Shan Fan from the north.
  • Abigale has another vision. The figure appears in Shan Fan and then at a brook running through a forest. When the figure speaks to her it asks if she will betray him.
  • After about two and a half days the posse and the crew spot some of Kang’s ships sailing in the channels just west of Shan Fan. When they check with Pete he tells them there has been an increase in pirate activity, but no blockade at Shan Fan.
  • When the posse arrive they find the harbor clear.
  • At his palace Tam is already gathering allies and preparing for a possible attack. The posse bring him up to speed on the details revealed in the meeting and their subsequent actions. True to his word Tam tells them how to enter the Rock Island Prison and things to expect inside.
  • The posse return to the Sunrise House and discover it in ruins. Asking around they discover that the tentacle monster demolished the building and has now been attacking people at night.
  • In an attempt to find Dillenger or Pennington-Smythe and warn them about Kwan’s interest in the amulet the posse go the the ruins of the Explorer’s Society. They find evidence that the rubble has been disturbed and there is blood and human body parts.
  • As the posse remove blood and body parts the earth shakes beneath them and tentacles, stalagmites, and a giant eye rise from the earth to surround the ruins. The posse work to defend themselves and escape.
  • The figure appears to Abigale again and notes with amusement that they are having difficulty in the battle.
  • Anafiel uses a cross he discovered in the ruins to engage the monster in a test of wills. In a flash of blue light the monster vanishes underground.
  • As the posse leave they spot three people approach. They move to hide, but Abigale spots the figure again and cries out loud. The figure yells as well and vanishes.
  • One of the people is Dillenger. The posse alert him about Kwan and Big Pul’s interest in the amulet and the ability to track it.
  • The next morning the posse meet with Pennington-Smythe. They devise a plan to heed off the monster while the others clear to rubble, with the goal in mind to destroy the amulet before Kwan’s men can take it. They suspect that the creature created by the amulet at the cave and the tentacle monster are on in the same.
  • The posse read the latest “Good Intentions” in the Tombstone Epitaph and notice a message. Lacy O’Malley wants to meet with our heros in six days at the Fallen Angels Saloon in Perdition.
  • The posse hear gunfire in the distance and see an army in Kwan’s colors approach the city, while many citizens and Tam’s defenders go to meet them. No ships appear in the harbor.
  • Abigale and Anafiel encourage Smythe’s hired workers and tie a team of horses to the largest piece of rubble over the vault.
  • Tentacles, a giant eye, and an end with a kind of mouth appear. The posse can even feel the presence of the monster in their mind. Jane burst the eye with her gun and Jake hurls dynamite into the mouth that blows up. The creature retreats underground and the presences fades from their minds, but does not vanish.
  • The posse spot some of Kwan’s men at a distance approaching the Explorer’s Society. Most of those still at the ruins work to move the rubble. Anafiel sets dynamite on the road between the Explorer’s Society and Kwan’s men.
  • As the vault is clear Kwan’s men attack, lead by Big Pul and Little Pul. While most of the posse and Smythe’s men fight Abigale goes into the vault and searches for the liquid.
  • After a few moments Abigale emerges with a vial and Smythe holds out the amulet. She pours out the liquid and the amulet burns with a purple flash and smoke into nothing. Big Pul cries out in anger. The posse feel a rush of emotions, among them pain and joy, and then the presence of the monster vanishes. Abigale sees the figure from her visions vanish into a vortex.
  • Kwan’s men fight on, but Big Pul dies and with a shriek Little Pul dies at the same time. Kwan’s men retreat.
  • Dillenger is fascinated with the tattoos on the bodies of the two Indian Shaman. The posse plan to leave shortly for Perdition and Smythe offers an artifact from the vault to the posse for their efforts.
The Secret Meeting
The posse do their part to prevent war on Shan Fan

The Meeting

  • After the interrogation the posse decide to deposit one Kwan’s unconsious, drunk men back at the tavern to draw attention away from the men’s disappearance.
  • Early the next morning the posse don the uniforms and approach the side entrance of Kang’s palace. Kwan’s soldiers are all male so Abigale asks Anafiel to cut her long hair.
  • The posse inspect the palace and talk to the servants. They look through the meeting room and discover that they can listen in on the upcoming meeting through the paper walls of adjacent rooms.
  • The posse change into servant clothes and adopt the appearance of cleaning about the servant’s quarters until the meeting. Meanwhile they hear Kwan’s outrage over the missing guards and his doubt that they could all be drunk and missing.
  • At one o’clock the meeting starts and Abigale, Anafiel, and Jake are in the adjacent room while Jane keeps watch.
  • Kwan starts off discussing that he does not know who inpersonated his soldiers at the Shan Fan Kumite and he expresses his suspicion towards Kang. Kang says he knows nothing about this.
  • Kwan says that he is ready to invade Shan Fan and asks if he can count on Kang’s support. Kang says that he has ships heading north to raid a large mesa town and he can divert them to Shan Fan and bombard the city.
  • Emperor Norton speaks up and expresses anxiety about civilian deaths from the naval attack.
  • Kwan asks why Kang is interested in aiding the invasion and Kang points out his need for revenge against Tam’s attack on the Abysmal and the death of Red Petals Su.
  • At this moment Big Pul enters and tells Kang and Kwan that the crewmember of the Jade Eel who had previously recognized Jake contacted him. Kwan’s missing men have been found captive aboard and the remaining crew arrested.

The Subversion

  • The rest of the meeting is inconsequential and the posse regroup. The people of Shan Fan are in danger and they decide to do what they can to drive a wedge between the alliance. Kwan does not know of Kang’s treachery at the Kumite so they decide to exploit this fracture.
  • Jane meets privately with Emperor Norton and tells him about Kang’s involvement at the Kumite. She gives him the story that she has family in Shan Fan that were almost killed at the assassination attempt and she wants to protect them from invasion.
  • Anafiel mixes the uniforms in a laundry basket and “accidently” intrudes in Kwan’s quarters and drops the basket. When Kwan notices the uniforms spill out he calls out to Anafiel who runs away. Anafiel allows Abigale to tackle him and hold him until Kwan arrives and interrogates Anafiel.
  • Anafiel “admitts” that he gathered the uniforms up for the laundry in Kang’s quarters. Kwan appears furious and storms off to speak to Kang despite Big Pul’s protests.

The Escape

  • The posse exit the palace together, still in the servant uniforms. They approach Kwan’s three gyro-copters and plan to blow them up.
  • Jane climbs to the roof of the nearestt building and begins firing on Kwan’s soldiers guarding the gyros. The others run out with sticks of dynamite and also fight the guards, shouting slogans such as “Kang does not abide traitors”.
  • While the posse fight lightning bolts and sounds of thunder come from the palace.
  • Once the fighting dies down the posse go for cover and light the fuses. The three gyros explode with the now familiar wailing of ghost rock.
  • The posse head back to the ship and change into their pirate uniforms. They see that several guards are on the ship and that the captain and the remaining crew are tied up.
  • Anafiel signals the captain and Abigale runs down the docks screaming that Kang’s palace is on fire. One of the guards leaves.
  • Anafiel and Jake walk up to the boat and start fighting the guards while Jane and Abigale fire from the lift on the cliffside. Meanwhile, they hear a loud cheer from the direction of the palace.
  • Once all the guards are defeated and the captain released they sail away from Dragon’s Breath, facing a possible blockade.
  • As of now the posse have no idea how their actions have affected any campaign against Shan Fan, but they definitely caused enough damage to change the plans in some way.
The Espionage Mission
War looms on the horizon

While on shore in Shan Fan…

  • The posse keep watch on the grove where they saw some people enter late at night. Then they hear a scream and go to investigate.
  • They see a man being dragged under the ground by a tentacle. The heros rescue the man who says that the creature also dragged under his girlfriend. They all dig for a few moments, but do not find her or the creature.
  • The next morning Long-Haired Tony visits them and questions them in detail about the previous night. He is highly suspicious of the posse and reveals that the attacks have been happening for the past two weeks and that the Sunrise Hotel is at the epicenter of the sites of the disappearances.
  • Long-Haired Tony also relays a message for a meeting with Tam.
  • At the meeting Tam reveals that Kang and Kwan are having a meeting in four days at Kang’s pirate city, Dragon’s Breath, and he wants the posse to discover what they will discuss. He arranges passage for the posse on the ship Jade Eel and provides pirate disguises.
  • The posse meet with the captain and agree to depart the next morning. The captain appears to be a person who works both for Kang and Tam at her convenience and does not care to become involved the political affairs of her employers.
  • Abigale reaches into her bag to retrieve the feather she picked up in Lost Angels, but instead she finds a blue scale.
  • The posse go to the White Lotus Society to deliver a sample of the creature from the previous night and ask about the scale.
  • The White Lotus Society scientist, Shu Lu, takes a picture of the scale with the Spirit Camera and they see a faint image of a feather over the scale. Apparently the angels of Lost Angels are disguises for something more sinister.
  • The posse decide to spend the night at a different place. Abigale has another frightening vision of the same specter; this time he is reading a book upside down entitled Speaking to Humans for Dummies.
  • The next day the posse hear that there was another attack near the Sunrise Hotel. They postulate that the Amulet of Rahashmir may be behind the nature of the mysterious creature.

The Voyage

  • The posse settle into their two day voyage south to Dragon’s Breath. One of the crew, a man named Marty, appears to recognize Jake. Jane does some investigating and does not discover anything incredibly suspicious; the man has a wife living in Dragon’s Breath.
  • Anafiel notices that a fair amount of large ships are traveling north. The posse find this suspicious and wonder if all of the ships belong to Kang.

Arranging the pieces at Dragon’s Breath

  • The captain sails past the gates at Dragon’s Breath, a large pirate city atop a mesa. The port is fairly devoid of larger ships.
  • The posse purchase supplies, including dynamite. They go to scope out Kang’s palace, as they will need to infiltrate it to eavesdrop on the meeting.
  • They see Kwan and his men arrive on three gyro-copters. Emperor Norton and an Indian are with Kwan as well. Kwan enters the palace while the Indian and some of the guards go off into the city.
  • The posse follow some of the guards and plan to interrogate either the guards or the Indian to find out about the nature of the meeting. One of the guards purchases an armor piercing gun for a gyro-copter from Kang’s armory.
  • The posse find some other guards at a brothel, but their plan to elicit the help of one of the women to retrieve information falls through.
  • The posse finds the Indian in a shadier part of town where he is bartering with a store owner. He buys a white stone and talks about “tracing” something.
  • Jane presses the store owner for information and he reveals that the Indian is planning to use to stone to locate an object of “great power”. The posse assume that the object in question is the amulet and this puts their mission in a new sense of urgency.
  • The posse decide to interrogate Kwan’s guards and gain entrance to the palace by assuming their uniforms. They find five guards in a tavern.
  • The posse wait out back for the guards to relieve themselves. They subdue all five and take them to the ship.
  • The posse interrogate one of the guards and discover that Kwan and Kang are meeting to form a military alliance and Kang’s ships are heading to Shan Fan. The posse write a letter and send a carrier pigeon to Tam to warn him about the alliance between Kwan and Kang and future danger for Shan Fan. However, the posse agree to still listen in on the meeting.
Kang plots his revenge...
  • The Shan Fan Kumite has just concluded; Ox, the man who murdered Jake’s father and mysteriously returned from the dead, had won. Jake is still conscious after his beating, but stays on the ground. Meanwhile several martial artists from the Kwan Province approach Tam’s box.
  • Ox proceeds to light his fists on fire and attack Jake! Jake manages to dodge and fight back, while Jane fires on Ox. The rest of the posse, Tam, and Long-Haired Tony fight the martial artists. Tam’s other bodyguards leave.
  • Kwan and his entourage flee while Kang lingers to watch the fighting.
  • Three ogres appear and also head towards Tam. Anafiel takes on two of them at once while ignoring his own wounds that he sustains.
  • The posse successfully prevent the assassination attempt; the ogres are dead and surviving martial artists flee.
  • In the aftermath of the fight Anafiel and Jake run after Ox. They chase him halfway across town to the wharf, but their wounds and fatigue catch up with them. Anafiel trips over a cat and falls into the water. Jake also collapses and catches sight of Ox escaping into a boat.
  • Back at the arena, the posse reunite and interrogate a survivor. He confesses that the martial artists disguised themselves as Kwan’s men and actually the assassination was Kang’s doing.
  • Tam is shaken after the events and leaves the posse to think, promising to call them in a few days.
  • Abigale expresses her desire to leave the posse, but before she can do so she receives a letter. One of her brothers is a prisoner at the Rock Island Prison!
  • The posse promise to help find her brother when they go to rescue Sam Hellman and Abigale stays with the group.
  • The posse keep watch the following night at the Sunrise Hotel. Abigale spots some men enter a grove in the nearby Heavenly Park and not emerge. She wakes the others and they plan to investigate.
Martial Artists, a Vampire, and the Undead
  • The Abysmal has just been sunk and the posse reunite with Jake at the celebration.
  • The next morning they leave the mesa and retrace their way back to the site of Ma’s sunken ship.
  • There is a strange slick on the water, but no sign of survivors. Some of the posse spot a human sized creature in the water and decide to leave.
  • Back in Shan Fan the posse meet up with some familiar faces, Captian Roderick Pennington-Smythe and Lacey O’Malley. Smythe thanks them for retrieving the key and plans to leave later in the day to fetch the Amulet of Rashamir.
  • Lacy confirms that Sam Hellman is indeed in the Lost Angels Rock Island Prison. He also knows of a foreman who aided the rescue of some of Tam’s men from the prison. Lacy hopes that this foreman will help the posse enter themselves, but ever since the the rescue of Tam’s men the foreman disappeared.
  • The posse go to Tam’s estate. Being a man of honor Tam gives them the key he promised. The posse ask if Tam knows of the foreman’s location.
  • Tam sees an opportunity to milk more worth from the posse so he offers the information in exchange for their employment for two weeks. The posse agree.
  • As part of the deal Tam asks the posse to participate the Shan Fan Kumite, the annual tournament between the martial artists of all the surrounding Triads. Jake and Anafiel agree to participate in the competition for Tam and Abigale and Jane will be Tam’s bodyguards. The tournament will be held in two days.
  • Tam invites the posse to a banquet in their honor for sinking the Abysmal.
  • The night before the tournament Abigale and Jake hear a knock at the door of their room at the Sunrise House. Abigale opens the door to a gun in her face and the vampire, Jerimiah.
  • Abigale lets the vampire inside, much to his pleasure. He continues to point the gun at her face when Jake intervenes. A fight breaks out between the posse and the vampire.
  • Jerimiah attempts to tackle Jane, but all members of the posse and Liang gang up on him. Pennington-Smythe enters the room and uses a relic to ward off the vampire. Anafiel decapitates the vampire and then the posse drive a piece of wood into his chest, finally incapacitating it.
  • There is a note on the vampire requesting the blood of Jane and two named men for a ritual by Santa Ana.
  • The posse salt the vampire down and burn him outside Shan Fan, finally riding themselves of the figure that has terrorized them.
  • At this point Liang says farewell. He is in awe of the posse and feels unworthy to be in their company any longer.
  • The next day the White Lotus Society removes the bullet from Jane. Jane gives them the vampire’s ornamental guns and Abigale gives them pictures of the vampire’s fight and burial taken with the spirit camera. The last picture shows a disturbing image of the silhouette of a human figure being dragged into the earth.
  • At the Shan Fan Kumite Anafiel and Jake compete in hand to hand combat against martial artists. Representatives from the various triads, Kwan Province, Dragon’s Breath, Shan Fan, New Tomorrow, etc, as well as their bosses, Kwan, Kang, Tam, etc are present. Jake makes it to the final round and his opponent from the Kwan Province is … Ox!
  • The fight starts and Ox looks like he is out for blood. He sports scars on his neck from when Jake killed him outside the cave. Jake holds out for a few rounds, but eventually Ox incapacitates him. Then the rest of the posse notice ogres and martial artists sporting the colors of the Kwan Triad rushing towards Tam.
Sink the Abysmal!
  • The posse agreed to sink Kang’s flagship, The Abysmal, in exchange for the key from Big Ears Tam and the pardon of one of his prisoners. Tam lends them a maze runner in order to do so.
  • The posse leaves with a new companion, Liang, who exhibits reverence and admiration for the posse, especially, Anafiel.
  • The posse starts searching for information down at the waterfront. Jane finds a translator, Toby, and they discover that Kang’s pirates frequent a certain tavern.
  • The posse hire Toby to spy for them in the tavern. He reports on a conversation between men belonging to Kang and Thin Noodles Ma. It seems that Ma will be meeting up with the Abysmal to exchange some cargo the following day.
  • The posse draw out a plan to sink the Abysmal. Abigale recalls hearing about a weapons depot a few miles north.
  • The posse direct their maze runner to the weapons depot in a small inlet and meet Pete, the fast talking dealer. They buy a torpedo for their plan to sink the Abysmal.
  • The posse returns the Shan Fan. That night Anafiel suffers from his night terrors and Abigale has a disturbing vision.
  • The next morning there is little time to dwell on the past night. The posse follow the wake of Ma’s ship through the maze.
  • Ma’s ship stops in a channel and the posse hide their maze runner behind a small outcropping. The Abysmal arrives.
  • Some of the posse climb the outcropping and watch as Red Petal’s Su and several ogres meet with Ma. One of the ogres wields an ornamental sword.
  • Jane takes a shot at this ogre wounding it. The Abysmal begins firing on the outcropping. Liang drives the maze runner into the channel and the posse fire the torpedo. It veers and strikes Ma’s ship.
  • The posse flee on their maze runner and dock at the base of a mesa belonging to a group of miners.
  • The next morning the posse spot the Abysmal sailing towards them. They rally miners together and fight against the pirates.
  • Red Petals Su goes airborne and attacks with a gyro-copter. Jane’s shot critically wounds Su and the gyro-copter plunges into the Abysmal, igniting the ship’s ghost rock, and exploding. The Abysmal sinks.
  • The posse celebrate their victory with the miners. The night air seems a little bit warmer, but Kang’s wrath is yet to be told.
Return to Shan Fan
A new hero..

Arrival in Shan Fan

White Lotus Society

  • They return to The White Lotus Society for their payment. They find several of the employees cornered by a faminite. Jane shoots the faminite and saves them.
  • Doctor Ellington thanks the posse cooly, obviously unhappy to loose the specimin. He takes their camera to be fixed, and is VERY pleased with their pictures of the Devil’s Postpiles.

Confronting Big Ears Tam

  • The posse prepares for their ruse: they will pretend to be a group of museum curators in Shan Fan to purchase the Key to the Explorer’s Society safe, which is a work of art.
  • The posse notices that they are being followed that night after dinner. The spy escaped. They were concerned they were seen with Dillenger, and if the spy worked for Big Ears Tam, their story was not going to work.
  • The posse arrives at Big Ears Tam’s estate the next day. They were admitted immediately, but were put on edge… it felt like a trap.
  • They met Tam, who was bordered by masked guards and a translator
  • Tam seemed to be testing them… maybe to see if they were really from a museum, this included giving them a fake key.
  • Anafiel proved he was more than met the eye: he prayed to god for knowledge of the Chinese language, and received the ability! He discovered that Tam was just playing with them, he knew exactly who they are. His spies had seen them fighting Ox at the cave!
  • Tam’s soldiers attacked, but the Posse made short work of them. Turned out they were prisoners of Tam’s being forced to fight to avoid being executed.
  • Tam, laughing, revealed he always knew who they were, and wasn’t interested in selling the key. But, he seemed impressed by their abilities, and was interesting in hiring them. He would give the key to them if they sunk The Abysmal.
  • Anafiel, disgusted with Tam, insisted that Tam release one of his prisoners into his custody. Tam relents, and allows this.
The Devil's Postiles
  • Captian Roderick Pennington-Smythe decided to bring the Aumlet of Rahashmir to a hiding place. He took Jake with him.
  • Before leaving, Roderrick informed the posse that a means to destroy the amulet, Merlyn’s Agent was in a safe hidden in the rubble of their lodge.
  • The Key to the Safe is held by Big Ears Tam.
  • The posse, financially backed by Dillinger, prepares a ruse where they dress as proprietors of a museum of art back east looking to buy the key. They send Tam a Letter of introduction, saying they are in the area for a couple weeks, and await a reply.
  • The White Lotus Society scientist, Shu Lu, tells them that with some more data taken by the posse she could probably finish her “chi tracker”, which could let them use the bullet in Jane to find Jerimiah — since the only way to safely fight a vampire is by surprise in the daytime this is probably their best bet!
  • Any of the missions given by the White Lotus Society could potentially give this data.
  • The posse, waiting for a reply from Tam, travel to The Devil’s Post-piles to take some pictures
  • They met Susan Delgado, a widow who’s husband and daughter had died from bandits, had buried her family at the postpiles
  • That night, the dead awaken, and attack the posse.
  • Susan runs to the embrace of her daughter (now resurrected), but is killed by her husband Ben, despite the best efforts of Jane
  • Leland is swarmed by zombies, and consumed.
  • Just as the posse retreats (from Ben, who flung lightning at them!), an agent helicopter flies in to take out the zombies. An agent attempts to wipe Abigale and Jane’s memory, but Jane stops him by showing him her explorer’s society ring.
  • When the posse gets to the nearest town, they find a telegram saying that Tam will see them!
The Amulet of Rashamir

This adventure began where our last left off: A large 12’ tall creature made of rock and mud erupted from the earth, let out a loud wail, and trapped Sherridan in the cave with it. The posse took quick action. Leland used his Telekentic gloves to raise Sherridan up and out through the narrow opening in the top of the rubble blocking the tunnel. She was hurt passing through though, and was rendered unconscious.

The rock beast then pounded on the debris, scattering it out, hammering Leland. A tough old bastard, he held his ground. Jake dragged Sherridan to the horses. Then the rock monster magically increased the size of the cave opening, and exited. Leland shot it with lightning, but to little effect.

Jake found some dynamite by the cave entrance (the Tong soldiers had used some to open up the cave earlier), but before he got the chance to use it, Captian Roderick Pennington-Smythe realized he had seen a creature like this before, and recognized the small garnet on its forhead as its power source.

As the beast started beating Leland into a bloody pulp, Jane took aim at the garnet, and in a terrific shot blasted it to pieces, shattering the monster.

At that moment, amid the confusion, Ox leapt out of the cave, carrying the evil Amulet of Rashamir, supposedly having the power to raise the dead. Stealing a horse, he tried to escape, but not before the heroes subdued him and filled him with lead. Jake, whose father Ox had killed, was eager for vengeance, although it was Jane who made the final blow.

Before killing Ox, the heroes questioned him. However, he (apparently) didn’t know much. He only knew Thin Noodles Ma wanted the amulet for some dark magical purpose. The heroes then killed their victim.

Ox had mentioned one other thing, a glowing glyph in the cave. They posse decided to investigate. The cave was grotesque though. The remains of Ma’s men were smashed and scattered throughout the cave. Some of the posse had to exit the cave, throwing up.

The glyph itself was lightning shaped, and smeared with very old blood, probably from some ritual. Roderick recognized the symbol as Indian. Abigale touched it, the blood from her hand (still on it from providing medical care earlier) instantly was absorbed into the glyph, causing the ground to shake, and three hoodoo to emerge from the earth!

The posse were hard pressed to break through the hoodoos’ thick rocky hides, but were making some progress, when the amulet of Rashamir glowed brightly, and awoke the dead flesh smeared about the cave. The more intact bodies morphed into demonic looking creatures, and the limbs, entrails, and guts began to writhe and try to grasp the posse.

The posse fought out of the cave, taking out two of the four zombies. A mysterious sniper took out a third. The final demon-zombie sprouted wings (with a bit of help from the amulet) and tried to fly off, but not before Jane in an amazing long distance shot took it out.

Meanwhile, they had pulverized the three hoodoo, and had exited the cave. However, the mass of dead human flesh was growing was forming into a tentacled beast with a large eye on a stock. it almost impaled Jane, when it was shot with the mysterious sniper.

The heroes tossed a bundle of dynamite into the cave, which exploded, sealing the thing inside. Abigale saw the sniper, and recognized the trenchcoat and hat to be that of Jerimiah. He jumped down from his perch atop a tall tree, and turned into a wolf! The creature bounded off.

The posse and Roderick retreated into the woods to camp and patch up their wounds. Smythe identified Jerimiah as likely a vampire. He also invited the heroes into the Explorer’s Society.

What’s next for our heroes?

Into Shan Fan

Limited time this week, so I’ll just summarize the main points.

  1. Posse discovered they couldn’t remove bullet
  2. They meet Captain Hunt, and get on-board his ship for passage to Shan Fan
  3. In Shan Fan, they go to White Lotus Society, which studies supernatural activities. They are given several jobs to do, if they’d like to. They should investigate the Devil’s Postpiles, Van Helmer’s Horn, and Grimm’s cathedral and alter.
  4. Explorer’s Society lodge is found burnt down.
  5. They find Rutherford Ellington Dillenger at the Sunrise House, rather shaken. Captain Roderick Pennington-Smythe has been captured while he was trying to hide the [[Amulet of Rahashimir].
  6. They go to Long-Haired Tony, Marshal of Shan Fan, who, bemusedly, tells them where to find Smythe. He doesn’t take them very seriously.
  7. Finding the shack in the skids where he’s held, the Posse lob dynamite from a nearby building, killing off the guards all at once.
  8. Smythe tells them that the amulet is hidden in a small cave in the mountains North of Shan Fan. Getting there, they find 20 horses, but no men. The hole the amulet was hidden in has been blown open. Inside, they see several bodies.
  9. One of them was let in slowly to the cave, with a rope around her. Once inside, a loud wail erupted from around her, shaking her companions. A vast beast made of stone and sand comes from the ground. Rocks begin to cave in around her.

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