Reporting on The Flood

The Battle's Outcome

Wrenches Thrown In the Mix

  • While both sides are exchanging more fire Will suddenly appears, having teleported from Quarrytown. Shortly after he joins the fight, panicked men come from the engine room, reporting monstrosities down below. Jo and Will leave to investigate.
  • Meanwhile, Max fights under the guise of the necklace onboard The Conquistador when the ghost appears again, demanding the necklace. Max avoids her and ambushes Captain Blood, killing him.
  • Down in the engine room Jo and Will find several seawater soaked zombies lead by an Aztec sorcerer. They eliminate the undead and incapacitate the sorcerer.
  • Back on the two ships, Abigale and the sailors drive back the boarding party. Soldiers and pirates flee as they see Captain Blood suddenly fall dead. Max takes off the necklace, but the ghost does not disappear, instead she appears increasingly corporal and threatening.

The battle on the ferry is winding down; some soldiers flee the way they came, others give up their weapons.

You cannot see the deck of the battleship from here and that is troubling. You still hear a ruckus from the boarding ship, although the noises sound strange. Max is over there and you begin to feel worried. Jo and Will are still not back from down below, but you go with Abigale towards the boarding plank and finally see the activity on the opposite ship.

Soldiers and pirates are fleeing frantically from the bow of the ship, but their flight cannot be because of the fighting. What on earth would cause them to react this way?

You can see Max, visible now, as well as the thing that answers your question. A woman, dressed in a ballroom gown, flies just above the deck and you immediately realize she is the ghost affiliated with the necklace, although you have never seen her quite like this. Instead of a grey, misty appearance now she looks very solid. Her eyes are dark, and her body flares bright yellow and orange, as though it is wreathed in flames.

She stabs with a dagger and Max barely dodges the blow with a swift roll and pivot. With the ghost momentarily distracted she runs for cover. All the while you and Abigale are dashing towards the fight, although you have no idea what either of you can do against a ghost. Abigale shouts out to distract it while you glance behind and see Jo and Will emerging from below decks, just now seeing the rapidly devolving situation.

The ghost ignores you and Abigale; all her rage is directed at Max. “GIVE ME BACK MY NECKLACE!” She grasps an abandoned gatling gun turret, wrenches it out of the base, and throws it overhead, the metal glowing red-hot.

Max dives out of the way just as the gatling gun crashes into the deck behind her, leaving a large dent and splintered wood. The ghost’s face is even more distorted with rage and she charges after Max who breaks off into a run. Your friend’s situation looks dire.

Abigale dashes after them and opens her canteen. She flings the contents up onto the ghost.

On contact, the ghost’s fiery back dies down and with a cry she immediately falls onto the deck. The respite is brief however, Max only has enough time to find cover before the ghost flares up and charges again.

Max takes a step back and kicks over a barrel between her and the ghost. The top comes off and a gush of water floods over the ghost who screams as she appears to dissolve into the water and the soaked deck.

The Dust Settles

  • After witnessing the posse take down the terrifying ghost the pirate ship formally surrenders. Some of the more nefarious pirates are taken to the brig, but most of the men are given a reprieve. A mix of pirates and sailors man The Conquistador.
  • On Captain Blood’s body the heroes find a note from Santa Anna. Apparently, the goal of the attack was to capture the super ferry and use the state of the art ship to assist the land war in the Great Maze.
  • The posse interrogates the psychopathic Aztec sorcerer. After the posse promise to release him he reveals troubling affairs coming out of Mexico. The Aztecs are planning to drive out all whites living in Mexico. He also speaks of a terrible Aztec god by the name Cipatli.
  • He reveals Jane Juno is being tracked because in the past she banished someone powerful to the spirit world. Her blood is the ingredient in a ritual to retrieve this person.
The Battle at Dead Man's Point

The Battle Begins…

  • Emerging from the mines after the successful rescue and discovery of the glyph, our heroes plan more details for the defense against Captain Blood’s attack on the supply ferry in three days time. They send messages to the volunteers to prepare to leave early the following morning. The general goal is to intercept the supply ferry before the pirate ambush, position fighters on deck, allow the pirates to board before springing the trap, and have the other boats fire on Captain Blood’s vessel. Meanwhile, Max will sneak onboard under the influence of the necklace of invisibility.
  • Elijah Lewis expresses the desire to join his sister and the rest of the posse on the mission, even though Abigale prefers that he not do so. When they gather early the next morning she pricks him with the plant sprig from the White Lotus Society, knocking him unconscious, much to Max’s irritation.
  • At the docks the posse meet a man named Captain Garfield from the gunboat. They account for two additional mazerunners, Lacy O’Malley, and eight mercenaries before setting off.
  • On the way the posse inform Lacy and the captain about their plans to general agreement. At Dead Man’s Point, the rumored location of the attack, the sailors and the posse scout out areas looking for narrow channels for escape and shallow areas for scuttling vessels. The area is generally full of sharp rocks and prone to thick fog, warranting a lighthouse on a nearby mesa.
  • After hearing an unholy racket in the distant, the posse sails out to meet the supper ferry. It is the strangest boat they have ever seen and definitely the largest, over seven hundred yards in length and almost as tall as it is long. The whole boat is such a mishmash of steel parts that it rather resembles a building under construction, although everything seems to function together and create a very efficient vessel.
  • On board the ferry, the posse meets Captain Yolanda Ortega. Her face turns pale when they tell her what lies ahead and she orders full stop. Then she turns to the posse and says that her orders are to take an alternate route that will add weeks on the voyage to Quarrytown.
  • The heroes convince her of their capabilities and responsibility and she entrusts them with the safety of the vessel and her crew. After setting people and things in place the ferry continues to steam forward.
  • As they pass the lighthouse the posse hear an explosion. Rocks cascade down from the mesa blocking the channel ahead. Captain Blood’s ship, The Conquistador, appears behind them.
  • Over a loudspeaker Blood calls for the surrender of the ferry. Over the Motorola Jo tells Lacy and Captain Garfield about the drastic change and they move towards the other side of the blocked channel. The crew of the ferry and the posse agree to feign surrender.

The channel is too narrow for the ship of the line to broadside you, but that is little comfort as the massive battle ship draws closer and you see a few cannons on the bow and two mounted gatling guns.

Through the spyglass you catch sight of the crew massing on deck. Most of them look like the general ragtag, loose pirates of the Maze, but there are also about a dozen men in uniform that must be the Mexican marines Lacy spoke of.

Then there is Captain Blood standing before them, wearing a crisp uniform in the Mexican colors, scabbard lifted in air, rallying the men. As they draw ever closer you see that he is a tall man with a full head of hair elegantly slicked back and chiseled good looks.

At that moment Jo stands up and pulls a sailor aside. You can’t hear him from where you are, but Abigale’s face brightens up, so you guess he must have said something good. You also can’t see or hear Max, located closest to the stern, but you know she has the necklace in hand and several ideas of her own.

A large plank made of ghost steel swings out from The Conquistador, slamming into the stern of the ferry and pinching into the deck. Grappling hooks with chains swing outwards. Two by two, the marines begin to cross. You give an encouraging nod to the volunteer soldiers near you and look down the barrel of your gun.


A shower of rocks rain down from the mesa where the cannons of your gunboat impacted. Immediately the men on the plank are in disarray. You fire at one of them and level your sight on another. The deafening sounds of heavy gunfire seem to come from everywhere as the gatling guns start up, but you chose a spot with good cover.

Suddenly the entire ferry begins to rock back and forth along its length. As you gather your bearings and see a man fall off the plank into the water you realize the nature of Jo’s idea. You steady yourself as you prepare to fire again. Thus begins the Battle at Dead Man’s Point.

The Spirit of Quarrytown

Ashes to Ashes

  • The posse frees the prisoners in Black’s hideout, the four missing men from a previous search party. Black and his cohorts were experimenting on them in order to discover how to harness the powers that gave the previous civilization in the tunnels dominion over the dragons.
  • The posse and the former Lost Angels priest have a conversation. Among other things, Roger Monroe explains that the altar at the Cathedral at Lost Angels and fragments of that altar work to disguise dark magic as heavenly signs. However, the posse continues the ruse of Will’s disguise as Anafiel and lie to Monroe, telling him they do not know what happened to Grimme.
  • Searching Black’s hideout, the posse finds an incomplete gatling gun and a detailed map of the caverns. Max finds an intricate medallion that also appears to be some kind of puzzle. The posse leaves and takes Black’s body with them.
  • As they navigate the eerie tunnels Abigale sees Black’s head appear to move independent of the motion of the cart. She flips her Winchester off her shoulder and levels the sight point blank on Black’s covered face. A scream is uttered a second before Black’s head explodes. For the rest of the journey the body is still.
  • When the posse and their companions return to the surface it is early morning; no one is active. Max leaves to get Lacy O’Malley and together they break into a church to retrieve some holy water while the other members of the posse return to town hall to prepare to burn the body.
  • After sprinkling the body with holy water the posse build a fire near the docks and burn Black’s body. When the flesh and bone are consumed they shovel the ashes into the ocean surf. A picture of the body taken with the spirit camera shows a faint pair of severed and broken wings. Whatever the posse did, it worked. The Angel of Death has finally been laid to rest.
  • By noon news of the serial killer brought to justice reaches most of the town and our heroes, lead by the mayor Abigale, publically recount the events. Suddenly the sun breaks out of the fog of what had been, up to that moment, a very gloomy, cloudy day.

A Bright Reunion

  • The town has overwhelming gratitude for the heroes, but they soon leave the crowds to make an appointment to resolve a conflict between a group of Indians and the miners.
  • The Indians claim that they are Maze Indians who trace their ancestral home to Quarrytown, but none of the posse is familiar with their tribal name and their attire. When the heroes refuse to accept their claims the Indians leave in disgust.
  • The next day Abigale, Jo, and Max wake up early to gather the sonic earmuffs. Along with Lacy O’Malley they journey down to the caverns to rescue Eli and reach the second glyph. After navigating through several flooded tunnels they reach an overhanging from which they look down and see the glyph on an island. Curled around the island is an enormous maze dragon, smaller then the one summoned by Kang in Shan Fan, but larger than any others they have encountered and fought in Quarrytown.
  • Abigale aims at its eye, fires, and the dragon roars in pain. It sprays the posse with water pushing them backwards. After several attacks that simply bounce off the dragon’s armor and close calls with the dragon’s jaws, Jo stabs the dragon in the head through its other eye and it falls over dead.

Lacy O’Malley tentatively steps forward, holding out his cut and bleeding hand palm in the hopes that he can join you in playing a part in the ritual to destroy the Elders and their abomination that stole the face of Grimme. He gives you a glance and with a nod of encouragement he places the palm of his hand on the surface of the rock.

For a brief moment you see his bloody handprint before the blood seeps into the stone. Then the glyph begins to glow, at first faintly, then subsequently brighter and brighter.

You take a few steps back. This is not what happened last time.

Jo notes your confusion and hastily cuts his own hand open and touches the glyph. He instantly draws it back, however, and you see that the skin not concealed by blood is bright red.

Suddenly a bolt of lightning arcs from above and strikes the glyph. At this you all move quickly off the island and splash through the water to the opposite ladder. More bolts of light fills the enormous cavern and the sounds of lightning and moving rock echo all around. You can’t imagine hearing the person right next to you, even if anyone could find words to say.

By the time you climb to the top of the opposite rocky outcropping the glyph glows so brightly that you can no longer see it. The next moment the blaze shoots upward in the form of a column of blue light.

The very next moment you are blinded; columns of bright white light shine from the stone corridor opposite. Once you catch your bearing you see the path behind you also shining brightly and the chamber now looks as though it is bathed in uniform daylight, save for the vertical column of blue light. You look down and the glyph, along with the rocky island, has vanished.

  • The heroes continue down the tunnels a short distance until they reach a wide, open chamber containing another one of the ancient villages. The cooking fire at the center does not go unnoticed and Abigale Lewis calls out for her brother. He emerges from one of the huts and the two of them embrace.
Death Come Calling

The Plan

  • Still distracted by the portal, the posse is taken by total surprise when Will emerges from the shadows, having teleported by his huckster powers in conjuncture with a powerful spirit.
  • The heroes explain their latest discovery to Will and show him the midair doorway over Quarrytown. Then they see a large explosion below and a winged figure fly past and vanish into the clouds.
  • Deciding they need to do something quickly to stop Garret Black from terrorizing the entire town, they plan to use Black’s obsession with the “false priest”, meaning Anafiel, to lure him out and finish him. The posse rushes back up the surface.

You must be getting close to the lift now; this upcoming merger of tracks looks familiar. In fact, you see another series of mining carts approaching the juncture right now.

But there is something else sickly familiar. As the occupants of the speeding carts come into view you catch glimpses of red cloth draped over shoulders and billowing in the air currents, the crimson robes of several Guardian Angels.

You turn to give your friends a warning, but you never get a chance or reason to even open your mouth. Will is already fanning cards and Abigale wordlessly presses the rear of the Winchester into her shoulder and squeezes the trigger.

A distinctly familiar bolt of light streaks from Will’s hand of cards and strikes the rails directly in front of the moving carts filled with foot soldiers of Lost Angels. Upon impacting the deformed rails the engine appears to hit an invisible wall, it bucks upward, and veers off, impacting the side of the tunnel. All the carts after it would crash into each other and fall off the rails, but the sight is consumed in the following massive explosion.

You duck down into the cart and cover you ears as the shrill, horribly loud sounds of the exploding ghost rock boiler wail all around you and hot air swirls above. The sound is so loud that you fail to notice the cart slowing down until you look up to see Jo and Abigale working on the brakes.

Even before the cart comes to a complete stop you leap out to survey the damage. Most of the wreckage and any people that might still be alive are engulfed in flames. Anyone worth saving is going to be at the rear.

You all run down to the far end of the wreck and catch sight of a woman, wearing red robes, pinned up against the tunnel wall under the remains of a cart, just conscious and breathing heavily. Max pushes the cart out of the way and Abigale grabs a hold of the woman, but she does not move her far and you soon see why. Blood oozes from several spots on the woman’s crushed and bent right leg. You know that if she does not get good treatment soon she will never be able to walk on it again.

Abigale pours out some water from her canteen and wraps the wounded leg in layers of bandages, but in short time blood starts to show through the cloth. She sighs and pulls out what looks like a short belt and pulls it tight around the leg, just above the woman’s knee.

For the first time the woman cries out in serious pain. Otherwise she has given you all an intense glare.

”Hold still please. I need to make one more adjustment.” The woman grimaces in pain again. Abigale pulls the makeshift tourniquet one last inch tighter and places a gentle hand on the injured leg. “My name is Abigale. What is your name?”

“I know who you all are,” The woman nearly spits out with as much venom as she can muster in her state.

Jo looks the Guardian Angel over. “Why were all of you here? We heard an explosion.”

The woman clenches her jaw. “I will tell you sinners and heretics nothing! I am ready to die a martyr!”

“The Bible says that we die at the hour that God determines, not at the time of our choosing,” Abigale replies as she adjusts the bandages. “We already know that you’re with Garret Black and he’s been killing innocent people in this town. We need to find him and stop him. Where is he?”

The woman laughs at Abigale and her healing hands. At this Will turns for the first time to look at you.

“I wonder what Anafiel would say about this.”

At these words the woman’s face turns white. “The French priest? The soul eater? He’s here?”

“Why are you asking about him? Why is Black so interested in this French priest?” You reply.

“He…he killed God’s prophet! But the Angel of Death will strike down this antichrist and when that happens Grimme will rise again as Jesus did before him.”

You open your mouth to speak reason, but realize that you would be wasting your breath on an extremely brainwashed mind. Will has the better course of ideas in this matter.

“Maybe that’s just what Black will do. But Anafiel needs to find him first and we don’t know where he is right now. I bet you do though. Tell us where Black is, and if you’re right, the Angel of Death will be victorious and deliver his heavenly justice. Otherwise, we’ll just take you to the French priest and he’ll find out the truth from you anyway.”

The woman’s eyes widen. “All right, all right!”

  • The wounded Guardian Angel, Kate, gives the heroes directions and descriptions about Black’s lair located in the caverns.
  • When they reach the lifts, volunteers responding to the explosion train their guns on Kate, but Abigale delivers a cover story and the volunteers take her to the hospital.
  • On the surface the posse see that Black’s latest attack targeted a brothel and killed several prostitutes. Subsequent damage seriously disabled the lift into the mines. The posse also notices that the stars in the night sky appear dimmer and even look slightly red.

The Ambush

  • Will dresses himself in Anafiel’s cassock and the heroes return to the mines, following the wounded Guardian Angel’s directions. When they see an orange glow ahead Max sneaks forward and sees an underground river running through a vast chamber. She also catches a glint of light coming from one of the several ancient dwellings in the chamber.
  • Will teleports to the suspected sniper position and takes out the guard. The heroes quietly make their way to the only other lit house.
  • Jo dons the red robes of the sniper and runs up to the door while the other heroes wait in the shadows. A tired, elderly man responds. Jo reports the accident on the tracks and pleads for Garret Black’s assistance. When Black and three other armed Guardian Angels approach the door the heroes attack.
  • Abigale is seriously wounded in the fight, but the collective attacks of Will, Jo, and Max force Black to make a retreat. Curiously, the elderly man does not join in the fighting.

You run out the doors, back out into the chamber, following the fleeing Black while fumbling to reload your gun. The rush of panic is reaching you head, Black is going to escape again!

Just now Max blazes past you, both tonfas spinning in her hands and a determined look on her face. She swings at Black and the end of her blunt tonfa strikes his jaw, bending it sideways. She swings again and again and for a brief moment Black, for the first time, looks genuinely frightened. Then he steps back and raises his decorated pistol, nothing between Max and flying lead but air.

Then you hear the sound of paper flourish and see Will drawing Anafiel’s sword. A shower of cards wraps around the hilt and the sword streaks forward, its razor edge glinting in the ambient blue light. There is a flash, Black stumbles backwards, looks down, and sees the blade deep in his chest.

He gasps for a moment, almost in disbelief. “Wha…wha…what the fuck…” His curses abruptly stop and he finally falls to his knees.

But no giant pool of blood forms, Black doesn’t moan in pain, he just lies there, motionless. You stand still for a moment, uncertain, and the expression on Max’s face indicates that she also is none the wiser. She raises her unbladed tonfa and strikes Black once, twice, three times now. You hears bones crack, but he doesn’t respond in any way.

  • In the aftermath of their latest overwhelming battle the heroes discuss what to do with Black’s body and speak with the elderly man. He gives his name, Roger Monroe, and he does not make eye contact with the heroes as he explains that he knew Reverend Grimme even before the Great Quake and has been a very reluctant servant of the Church of Lost Angels.
A Vanished Civilization

Return to the Depths

  • The posse brings Lacy O’Malley up to date with their current knowledge of Garret Black and the truth about the Church of Lost Angels. Lacy promises to publish a story the next day in Quarrytown exposing Black’s deeds.
  • In the meantime, the heroes coordinate with the secretary to send bodyguards to the scientist’s shop and get the ships and soldiers ready to protect the supply ferry.
  • The posse begins to sense strained emotions and heightened fears in Quarrytown due to the food shortage and rumors of Captain Blood’s attack.
  • Hoping to find some more clues, our heroes return to where they left off in the tunnels.
  • Jo and Abigale begin to notice that their lanterns now barely penetrate the darkness and indiscernible faces appear and disappear in the shadows like flickering flames.
  • They arrive back at the planetarium. Upon further examination they realize that the star coordinates respond to their thoughts and decide to focus on significant dates. On the day of the Great Quake some of the stars glow red and form a pattern that Abigale copies down on paper.
  • After clearing a blocked passage leading away from the planetarium the posse discover what looks like an ancient village complete with side rooms and a fire pit with cool, blue glowing stones. A set of spiraling stairs leads up and down from the room.
  • The top of the stairwell ends at a dark corridor. With the aid of lanterns and the glowing stones our heroes see shapes protruding from the walls, ceiling, and floor. They turn out to be humanoid skeletons partially embedded in the rock and contorted in positions indicating violent and painful deaths.
  • As they carefully make their way down the corridor they also notice weapons and alcoves with opening in the rock similar to arrowslits, indicating that the former residents were a warlike people.
  • In the corridor, our heroes hear whispers; voices that sound similar to the language in the mysterious recording heard the previous day.
  • The corridor leads to a large circular chamber with a twenty-foot tall obelisk in the center. Along the wall of the chamber are several mummified humanlike beings adorned with metal armor and weapons, unheard of for Native Americans.
  • Next to the platform they see flashing symbols embedded in a large stone raised on a short pedestal. Jo presses on one of the symbols, which glows even brighter while the other symbols fade.

You feel a gust of wind and the air brightens slightly, which is strange, seeing that you are all in an underground cavern. You turn towards what feels like the source of the change and see…stars, trees, fences, a guard tower, and the Union flag fluttering in the breeze, all framed in the shape of the former obelisk. However, you are only allowed a split second of surprise and wonder, for at the sight of the image in the foreground, your blood runs cold. The perfect stone columns of Devil’s Postpiles glow that eerie, familiar blue, and bolts of lighting begin to arch from the pinnacle of the columns. Wisps of light travel outwards, towards you, and past you. Your eyes follow their path as they move through the chamber and dread fills your chest.

Jo may not have shared in your experience at the Postpiles, but the look on your face says it all. He quickly presses down on a random symbol on the pedestal and colder air and mist now emerge from the obelisk.

But the damage is done. You hear movement and the sounds of shifting metal outside your small halo of light. You steady the quivering hand that reaches for your choice weapon.

  • Sure enough, several of the dead warriors reanimate and attack the posse. A few ethereal forms wielding spears emerge from the corridor of skeletons to battle against the undead while ignoring the posse.

The Portal

  • The heroes turn their attention to the obelisk, now offering a bird’s eye view of Quarrytown, the ocean, and the surrounding mesa, a doorway hundreds of feet in the air.
  • The stone pedestal has six symbols: a cross, a circle with a scribble through the center, four lines, a triangle, three crossing squiggles, and a scribble with a slash through the center.
  • The heroes press each of the symbols, one by one. The next location is the room of a man wearing a purple suit named Thacker. He recovers rather quickly for a man suddenly seeing a doorway appear in his room showing three people. As he starts to have a conversation with the posse he reveals that he is location is Dragonhold, a place in the vicinity of Lost Angels. He becomes very curious about what the posse has discovered and its possible usage.
  • Abigale shows Thacker a drawing of the symbol of the petroglyph and he tells the posse that he has seen this marking somewhere nearby. Wary about the stranger and his increasing interest in portal the posse has discovered, Abigale tells him that they think the glyph has something to do with how the device works. Thacker immediately tells the posse that he will look for the glyph and they all agree to stay in touch.
  • The next symbol the posse presses delivers a rush of dry heat and reveals a vast desert, the Egyptian pyramids in the distance.
  • Upon pressing the next symbol the image shimmers for a brief moment before a rush of water begins to engulf the posse. For a brief moment before quickly pressing the next symbol they see what looks like an underwater palace.
  • When they press the next symbol the pedestal opens up revealing a complicated network of controls that could be used to adjust the coordinates.
The Angel of Death

Morning Rounds

  • Early the next day our heroes discuss how to address the food crisis, Captain Blood’s attack on the supply ferry, and the serial killer in Quarrytown, Garret Black.
  • Abigale, Jo, and the secretary, Hattie, meet with the mining companies and major businesses in Quarrytown. They successfully convince them to release some of their surplus food to the town and provide some ships for a surprise attack against Captain Blood in five days. Meanwhile, Max goes to the weird science shop to look into obtaining three sets of sonic earmuffs so that the heroes can rescue Elijah Lewis and reach the glyph in the wailing caverns.
  • To her alarm Dr. Graham Steton, the scientist working at the shop, reports that Garret Black has also expressed interest in this equipment. Max offers him payment and convinces Steton to replace Black’s order with their own. Steton cautiously agrees and closes shop to work on the project.
  • When the posse reunites they realize that Black will not be pleased when he hears about this change and they decide to keep watch outside the shop. At about four o’clock in the afternoon Garret Black and five other hardened looking men show up.
  • Upon seeing the closed sign Black, cursing, barges in. The posse hears him begin to threaten Dr. Steton. They run up, open the door and see Black with his gun trained on the unfortunate scientist.

The Flight of Garret Black

  • For a minute there is a tense standoff. Black analyzes and taunts the posse; they attempt to diffuse the situation, but he and his men are itching for a fight. Then Black points out Abigale’s relationship to the current murder suspect and bullets begin to fly.

“Fire boys.” Black’s cold voice fills the room.

You hit the deck and hear five men with pistols double tap all at once. Glass shatters, metal ricochets. You feel a sting on your shoulder that must be a bullet passing a hair’s breath away from your skin. You shrug off the close call and roll behind a display case.

Black’s men duck for cover as well behind shelves and desks. You think everyone has some manner of protection, until you look and see Black still standing in the center of the room, a disturbing smile on his face as though he relishes in all this violence.

“I am the Angel of Death! I have been sent by God’s chosen prophet to cleanse this town of its wicked! You will fall before me and deliver the false priest!”

When Black finishes his ominous speech a pistol appears out of nowhere in his right hand while his other hand reaches just behind the gun barrel.

You duck back down as he sprays the room with metal. You and Abigale pop up to take shots of your own. Max runs forwards to throws a desk over two of the five goons. The far edge crashes into one shooter’s head followed by a sickening thud-crunch. Jo sprints to the center of the room and you hear him clash weapons with Black. Taking another shot of your own, one of Black’s men falls over, his leg twitches for a moment, and then he lies still.

Now you swing your sights over to Black, but what stands there stops you cold in the moment. Black’s eyes flash crimson red and an aura of darkness shrouds his entire body. At his chest and head the shadows meet to form shapes resembling plates of armor and a large hood.

Jo swings his bowie knife and misses as Black runs up to the largest window in the shop. He turns and looks right at Abigale.

“You’ll never see your brother again.” He smashes the glass and disappears outside.

You run up to the opening and have a flashback. Back at the Rock Island Prison, during your desperate escape in the boat, a frightening dark figure with wings attacked with bolts of lightning. You thought you had seen the last of the thing when Jane fired and it tumbled out of the air into the waters of the maze, but now this figure appears before you, wings and all.

With this realization you steel yourself and fire with Jo and Abigale. Max flings a throwing knife, striking it in the forehead.

There are puffs of darkness where bullets and blade impact and Black snarls more in rage than pain. His wings begin to spark and you notice the wind coming out of the canyon below begin to pick up. Clouds swirl overhead until the sky opens up and a column of light shines down. Black’s wings disintegrate and he shoots straight up into the sky like a comet, vanishing into the light. The clouds quickly swirl behind, concealing his exit.

  • In the aftermath of the fight the heroes calm a hysterical Dr. Steton. They promise him protection and he agrees to finish the sonic earmuffs.
  • Lacy O’Malley barges in, hoping to get a scoop on the news about a gunfight, but does not expect the posse to tell him that they had a fight with Garret Black.
The Woes of Quarrytown

Echoes of a Bygone Era

  • The heroes go back down the chasm until they reach the bottom containing a few inches of seawater. They crawl through the only tunnel until they start hearing voices spoken in a language none of them understand.

You inch out to the ledge next to Max and survey the scene down below. Dozens of robed, humanoid figures fill the large chamber around a man standing on a raised dais and speaking the loudest. You are certain that you could not understand anything being said just a moment ago, but now…

“…and we will destroy the necromancers and their oppressive machines! We will bathe in their blood! For we have the power of the dragons!” The man on the dais raises his hand aloft.

Suddenly the head of a full sized maze dragon appears in all its glory, but no one panics and the dragon does not attack. Several smaller dragons emerge from the waters in the chamber and dive in and out around the dais, but do not attack.

You hold your breath. The cheering figures begin to file out of the room and you begin to panic. You have to warn Quarrytown!

But before you can move a muscle the lights in the cavern dim, until there is only an ambient green light in the mist emanating from everywhere. The giant chamber has shrunk and the platform of the ledge has moved to the floor now surrounded by water on all sides except from the way you came.

Why is the room gone?
How did the ledge move?

You see Max carefully lower her head to the water’s edge. You cannot see the bottom.

You try to say something; anything to explain this, this magic, but suddenly the lights in the chamber flair, the ledge moves back up to where you started and you see the chamber expand into the much larger cavern. Robed figures that previously called for your blood file in, but there is no time to hide and you are standing on the edge of the ledge under no subterfuge. But no one looks up and no one seems to notice any of you.

One of the robed figures moves to the dais and begins to shout. You listen.

“…and we will destroy the necromancers and their oppressive machines! We will bathe in their blood! For we have the power of the dragons!” You are sure you heard these exact words before, but why?

To your left Edgar reaches out slowly with his Winchester. You would tell him to stop, but any confusion he adds could not possibly compare to what is going on right now. Then, as he waves the muzzle of his gun left and right, the space in front of him sways and flashes.

You exchange glances with everyone around you, but no one’s bewildered face gives you a clue as to what is going on. Then Max reaches her arm down over the ledge until it disappears into the now rippling image. When she retrieves her hand liquid drips off her fingers and soaked sleeve.

You copy her action and feel you hand, arm, and shoulder make contact with freezing cold water in the same locations where you noticed the water in the smaller chamber. Meanwhile, the scene continues playing in front of you all while moving waves distort the images. This must be some kind of illusion, but you’ve never seen anything so lifelike.

Suddenly, to your left, your hear Abigale cry out. You turn and see a small maze dragon rearing out of the water in front of her and a second one right behind. She reaches for the katana, but the dragon bites viciously into her left arm, lifts her up several feet, and drops her onto the ground with a gut-wrenching thud.

Max and Jo leap between her inert form and the two dragons. Jo whips out a pistol and dazes one dragon with a shot to the side of its head. Max swings both of her tonfas. The first connects in the same spot as Jo’s attack and the dragon slips senselessly back in the water. The other stabs the second dragon in the eye and it howls in agony before it follows the first.

  • Abigale survives the attack with no permanent damage, but is seriously injured. The posse decides they are in no condition to continue searching and leave the caves.

Two Kinds of Informants

  • Back on the surface Max is called away on urgent business, while the rest of the posse go to town hall and call a doctor for Abigale.
  • A man named Fred Laten debriefs Max on a suspicious ghost rock explosion that destroyed valuable food preserves. They discuss how to make the remaining food in Quarrytown last until the next shipment arrives, when a well-dressed older man, Granville Kurtz, arrives.
  • Kurtz starts demanding accountability from the new sheriff while denying all the responsibility for the accident involving his ghost rock. Max manages to push him aside for the moment.
  • At town hall Abigale recuperates while Max and Jo decide how to address their anonymous informant at the bar.
  • The secretary reports on the election meeting and explains that the two mayoral candidates are Kurtz and the late mayor’s son, Luke Watson.
  • Right after Jo and Max leave for the bar the secretary tells Abigale that she has a visitor that wishes to speak with her, Garret Black!
  • Abigale calls Jo and Max back and they are discussing how to deal with Black when he enters.

“You are going to do what now?”

You recognize that voice.

After half a moment you turn and see him, standing casually in the doorway of the office. He twirls a pistol about the finger of his right hand a few times all while sporting a smile that someone might perceive as pleasant, if you didn’t recognize him from far different circumstances.

He is indeed the same man that cursed the former Reverend on top of that tragic mesa years ago, save for a few nuances. His black hair is longer and his eyes darker. You can’t quite place the feeling that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, but…he appears healthy and yet sickly at the same time. Perhaps it is merely disturbing to see a man you so clearly saw “die” standing blatantly in front of you all.

It takes you more than a moment to clear the lump in your throat, but Abigale speaks up first. “The secretary told me that you have valuable information about the murders.”

Garret begins to stroll around the office. “I’m surprised you didn’t come to me yourselves given my expertise in these matters. But yes, I do have information and I can offer my services…for a price of course. No offense, but few people can afford to be generous.” Your teeth grind as his smug voice echoes in your head.

Max speaks next and she doesn’t hide her distain well. “What sort of information are you talking about?”

“Well, as I mentioned earlier, I have a price, but I can say this… Do you know about the murderer, Elijah Lewis?”

“He is a person of interest, but we’re not performing this investigation with any preconceived notions,” Abigale Lewis replies. This situation cannot not easy for any of you, but it must be especially trying for her.

“Well I don’t think he did it,” Black says. There is a beat of silence. “He and I arrived here on the same boat. We talked and he said he was in the war, but that look in his face…he just struck me as someone who was tired of fighting. And let’s face it, sure he’s a veteran, but he’s still just an ordinary man. The shots were perfect, and in the pitch dark. It can’t be him.” Black makes his way to the secretary’s chair and causally reclines in it, resting his feet on the desk.

  • Garret also claims he needs to purchase equipment to get the posse down to where Eli is. He doesn’t say where, but its likely the wailing caverns. He refuses to accompany the heroes and offer the equipment without a healthy sum. The posse refuse Black’s offer.
  • All three of them rush over the Red’s Bar to make their meeting. Max sits with a cloaked figure that speaks in a hoarse tone and asks to see his payment, before he speaks.
  • The mystery informant tells our heroes that the infamous Mexican pirate Captain Blood is going to attack the supply ferry headed to Quarrytown in six days.
  • Max throws off the figure’s cloak revealing Walks on Water. After he explains himself and reveals how he accidently overhead the crucial information the posse lets him go.
Murder in Quarrytown
Events take a disturbing turn, but a new hero arrives…

Big Bar Fight

  • The next day Abigale Lewis and Max go to town hall for the official swearing in and photo-shoot with Lacy O’Malley. Before anything else can happen, a man bursts in reporting a brawl at Red’s Bar. As sheriff, Max leaves to break up the fight while Abigale stays behind to speak with Lacy.
  • Meanwhile, at the bar, a Navajo Indian called Jo by Westerners, enjoys a drink until white miners and Indians start to argue about “land rights”. Strong words turn into fists and suddenly a man in a drunken stupor grabs him by the shoulder.
  • Max enters to see the brawl in full swing and Jo smashing his mug into the drunk’s face.

You duck beneath a swinging arm, but the next one strikes you in the side, hurling you to the floor. You roll out of the way and look up to see a woman holding the oddest things in her hands; what look like polished sticks with pegs large enough to be handles sticking up out of the middle. She swings one of them down against a rope fastened to the far wall and you realize that the “sticks” have blades on the ends.


The bar chandelier comes crashing down sending shards of glass flying outward. Everone breaks out of the fight to duck behind available tables and chairs in order to avoid the flying debris.

When you remove your hands from your face you see the same woman jump dramatically on top of the serving bar.

“All right listen up! There’s a new sheriff in town, if you haven’t already heard.” She motions to the shiny five-stared badge on her chest. “So you all better cool it, or you will have to deal with me. I don’t want to come back here again and see you lowlifes.” She flourished one of her handle stick blades, neatly knocking a beer stein off the bar that narrowly misses the head of the Indian man leaning a few feet behind her.

You stumble to your feet, but keep your head low. All around you men groan in pain and utter muffled apologies. Most of them file out of the bar. As the dust settles the bartender emerges from hiding with a horrified expression on his face as he surveys the damage.

  • Max and Jo start talking over the misunderstanding with the beer stein and he realizes that she is one of the people he has been looking for. Before he accompanies her back to town hall an Indian with a headdress and a miner talk to Max and demand to see the mayor.

A Disturbingly Familiar Name

  • While these events unfold Abigale asks Lacy O’Malley about the previous searches in the mines. When he mentions the name Garret, however, the tone of the conversation changes abruptly. A recent arrival, Garret has already made a positive name for himself in the town, but the posse has an entirely different view of the “man”. Abigale hears his name and remembers…

Anafiel, Will, and a woman she does not recognize, finally emerge from the sewers, exhausted, bloody, and overall, appearing as though they have just emerged from the fight of their lives. They have much to say after their ordeal and most of it is difficult to comprehend. The Elders sound panicked over the recent events and, among other things not as shocking as a church worshiping one of the Four Horsemen, the Elders are concerned that they might have trouble controlling someone named “Garret” without Grimme

The color drains from Abigale’s cheeks. The name becomes a face…

You are beginning to understand that this is a vision, a vision of California shortly after the Great Quake and from the reflection in the water you see that you are not yourself; you are Reverend Ezekiah Grimme.

A man, Garret Black, stands over the corpse, making the most noise and arguing that they are all starving without end in sight and that they should eat the man he had killed the other day.

You vehemently refuse and Garret curses your foolish piety, saying you are going to kill them all. He draws his knife. You raise a pistol, fire, and Garret falls.

  • With this stunning realization Abigale warns Lacy not to trust Garret. Lacy explains that Garret was in the party of the first search and even rescued the only survivor still recovering in the hospital, Lucas Brown. No one believes he could be the killer.
  • When Max returns Abigale tells her that Garret is a person who already died and is connected to the Church of Lost Angels. She has no doubt that he is the one responsible for the murders in Quarrytown and framed her brother, although they can only guess his motive and greater involvement in the scheme of things.
  • With Quarrytown now in much greater danger Abigale appeals to civic duty and asks the Indians and the miners to postpone a meeting to settle their dispute for two days.
  • Jo explains his background and common interests to the current posse, who inform him about recent events and what lies at stake. Jo joins our heroes to help them on their mission.
  • The heroes split up in order to prepare for their own search party that afternoon. Abigale and Jo go to the hospital to talk to Lucas Brown, while Max and some of the town hall staff looks for Eli’s friend Edgar Scott.
  • At the hospital Lucas manages to speak about his traumatizing ordeal. He was in the search party with the sheriff, Garret, and a few others when a cold wind in the mines blew out the lanterns. Everything after that happened so fast, screams in the dark, gunfire, the sound of the sheriff’s throat being slit, intense pain, and the next thing he knew Garret was carrying him out.
  • Abigale and Jo ask Lucas questions about Garret and Lucas does not have a bad thing to say about the man. Garret even came by to visit him in the hospital and has good relations with the former mayor’s family.
  • After receiving directions from the owner of a weird science shop Max meets Edgar and she asks him to join her and the others at town hall. Edgar complies, but seems to be confused about what is going on.
  • Once Edgar hears an explanation from Abigale, he relaxes and tells them what happened. A few days after he arrived Eli started hearing voices telling him about the names of wicked people in Quarrytown. When those people started ending up dead he fled deep into the mines. Before he left, Edgar gave Eli his own invention, sonic earmuffs, so that Eli could safely hide in a section of the mines plagued with high pitched wailing that has driven all others away.

Into the Depths

  • Max, Abigale, and Jo decide to survey the locations of the attacks in the mine to find clues leading to the real killer and to find Eli Lewis. They ask for Edgar’s help and he agrees to join them.
  • Before they leave Abigale and Max realizes that they will miss the elections meeting that afternoon so they ask the secretary to go in their stead and give her general instructions on what to convey.
  • The secretary also gives Max an unsigned letter addressed to her informing the new sheriff that the sender has information about the security of Quarrytown and to meet him at Red’s Bar with payment this evening. The posse believe that the writer is Garret Black.
  • That afternoon our heroes take the lift down to the mines and the location of the first attack. The bodies are gone, but bloodstains and other signs remain. Jo spots fresher sign leading to a narrow tunnel that the posse and Edgar enter.
  • As they navigate the tunnels they hear unseen creatures and spot a dead tunnel critter, torn up and its’ pincers removed. The tunnel ends at a large chasm with distinct hand and footholds that lead up and down. The heroes head up and come to a large alcove.

You see Abigale reach forward, her hand in the familiar curious gesture and something extremely heavy lands in the pit of your stomach. You open your mouth to call her off, but it’s too late, her hand touches whatever has caught her inquisitive eye and you hear a distinct click.

Suddenly light shines down from above and upon looking up, your mouth falls open. Where once was a dome of solid, smooth rock, the ceiling appears to have opened straight up to the heavens. The stars, moon, and planets rotate overhead several times before halting at the constellation Orion. Above The Hunter’s right shoulder numbers flash in some kind of sequence you do not recognize, but as you make connections, they must be dates.

Suddenly, a loud roar echoing from down below in the chasm breaks the silent atmosphere of wonder and awe among all of you.

You raise your gun and press the stock into your shoulder until you see…

Three truly giant snakes, bodies as big around as pines trees, leap up from below. As one rears its’ face closer you notice that this snake has the face of a giant lion and rather reminds you of a smaller version of a maze dragon. Miniature sized or not, you remember not wanting to actually face one of these creatures in a fight.

  • The posse maintains composure and defeats the three monsters in the span of about thirty seconds.
Welcome to Quarrytown
Several events come to a head and the posse may have bitten off more than they can chew...

Reunion with Old Allies

  • While the worst of the riots have subsided and the Fishers of Men Triad are establishing order in the aftermath of Shan Fan’s liberation, fires still blaze and several people drown themselves in alcohol over their euphoria withdrawals. Our three heroes return to the White Lotus Society.
  • Shu Lu, now awake, recognizes Abigale at the entrance and allows them inside. Once Pennington-Smythe joins them the posse relate all of the recent events in Shan Fan, while withholding the finer details surrounding the glyph.
  • Once they are alone with Pennington-Smythe they inform him, in entirety, of the events at the Church of Lost Angels, Anafiel’s possession, and the ritual involving the seven petroglyphs. They also warn him of the likely consequences due to Anafiel’s death; the false Grimme is presumed free and reunited with The Elders at Lost Angels. When he will resume his guise as Grimme and reveal the heroes’ plans is unknown, but of significant concern.
  • Pennington-Smythe believes the posse’s stories and becomes very animated as he starts making plans to help our heroes. However, only Abigale, Max, and now Anthony can perform the ritual. He suspects that the three of them are allowed to do so because events have led them to embark on a spirit journey. While he does not know where the four unknown petroglyphs may be found, he does know that all thirteen Elders are present in Lost Angels during the anniversary of the Church’s founding, August 23rd. This would be the best opportunity available to trigger The Flood and destroy the false Grimme and the Elders.
  • While the nearest of the two known petroglyphs is on an island off the coast of Shan Fan, Abigale insists that they go to Quarrytown first and warn her brother to make haste since his location will soon become known to the Church of Lost Angels. While Pennington-Smythe states that he would rather them start close by in order to offer assistance, Abigale says that due to their public actions in Shan Fan they should leave for a period of time to make their trail cold and Max says that the Twilight Legion could use the time to reorganize.
  • Due to limited resources and available members of the Twilight Legion, Pennington-Smythe asks for Anthony’s help in contacting the New Tomorrow Triad for assistance in the recovery efforts. In exchange he offers Dillenger’s skills to navigate Abigale and Max on the mazerunner to Quarrytown.
  • Dillenger arrives later in the morning and they set off. The trip is fairly uneventful save for a chance meeting with a boat hunting giant flying fish that tend to target smaller boats and knock the occupants into the dangerous waters.

A Man Accused

  • Abigale, Max, and Dillenger arrive towards the evening. It soon becomes apparent that finding one man here is not going to be incredibly easy; Quarrytown and the mesa it occupies are enormous. Abigale and Max take a tram to the town itself, located in and around a massive crevasse in the center of the mesa.
  • While searching for room and board, the posse browses through the newspapers. Apart from the Tombstone Epitaph, the news from Lost Angels is rather subdued and buried in the back pages. A notice under “Good Intentions” appears to address the posse once again and request their presence in Quarrytown.
  • Our heroes find a colorful, lively place to take lodging. A sweet, plump lady behind the counter in front of a set of porcelain cats offers the heroes a room and the rates before she comments on Abigale.

“Madam, are you all right? You look like I just shot your dog.”

Abigale has in fact been fairly subdued and pensive since the events in Shan Fan, the death of Anafiel, and rising concern for her brother, all occuring in the span of the last few days. On the way here you even expressed concern to her, but she assures you that she will be fine.

“Well, I’m fine, thank you for asking…though perhaps you can help us. We’re looking for a man named Eli Lewis.”

The buzz of life in the lobby immediately turns to silence at the turn of her last phrase. There is the noise of a chair scooting on the floor and then a cough. Most people make a point of ignoring your presence; despite the obvious change you have brought to the atmosphere, although you catch one or two covert glances in your general direction.

The lady shifts nervously behind the counter. Abigale’s face pales until her cheeks resemble the color of brick mortar. Max breaks the silence first.

“Is there something we should know?”

“Eli Lewis? I…I don’t think you want to be looking for that man. Why do you ask about him?”

Abigale swallows before speaking in the type of flat tone that only exists to hide intense emotion. “Well, we are…opportunistic business folk in the maze, new to Quarrytown, and we heard a few things about him and thought he might be good for business, but now… What happened to him? We, we would like to know so we don’t start making the wrong impression around here.”

“Haven’t you heard? Why he killed five boys, chopped their hands clean off! Then he killed the sheriff when he came calling, the mayor, several others, and ran into the tunnels. There have been several search parties, but he hasn’t been caught, and many of the men come back shot or don’t come back at all. I met him once, seemed nice enough, but you can never really know people, you know? Did you know he was a soldier? I didn’t! Why does a soldier join a mine?”

  • Once out of earshot the two heroes talk together. Abigale cannot believe Eli would do such a thing, although she acknowledges the fifteen years of their separation and her other sibling’s change. Max expresses her support for Eli’s innocence and they both agree to ask about the events at town hall, despite the late evening hour.

Sheriff and Mayor, I Presume?

  • At town hall the secretary is still at work. As Max begins an introduction, the lady immediately addresses Max and Abigale by their full, undisclosed names, hands them some paper work, and acknowledges them as sheriff and mayor, respectively. Max starts demanding how and why this could have happened, but the secretary can only tell them that Lacy O’Malley is involved and directs them to his current residence in one of the caves of Quarrytown.

“First off, I am so sorry! It was really the only way. Hellstromme is making investments in Quarrytown and everyone wanted an impartial interim sheriff and mayor. On top of that no one wants to take on this responsibility now, with recent events being as they are. But then I remembered that Hellstromme knows you Abigale, he would trust you and you would want to know about your brother. If Max was still traveling with you I expected he would agree with someone like her as well. Again, sorry, but you were the only people I knew I could trust with this and the only option that all parties would agree to.”

Max speaks up. The initial shock has worn off and now she rather looks as though she could enjoy herself in this situation. “What all are we allowed to do?”

“You’re only being asked to do this for about two weeks, that’s when the elections for the new mayor are planned to take place. The late mayor’s wife, Mrs. Watson and a man named Curtis, brought forward by Hellstromme, are the names on the ballot so far. Everything needs to proceed smoothly between now and the elections.”

“Will I be able to throw men in the brig?”

“Um, well yes. You are the sheriff.”

They continue in similar fashion for a few moments. Abigale seizes a lull in their animated conversation to say what has been foremost in her thoughts. “Lacy, what happened to Eli?”

Lacy sighs and appears as though, for the first time, he is at a loss for words of advice. “Abigale, I…this does not look good. I never would have thought he would do such things either and the evidence is looking very suspicious. The sheriff just happens to find those five boys’ hands in his room? That and, I know your brother served in the war, but the shooter that has been firing on the search parties has to be a perfect shot! But the men in this town are out for blood and nothing has shown up to convince them otherwise. I’ve gone with some of the searches, but we haven’t found any sign of your brother, although I cannot image anyone would be able to stop the men from firing or starting a lynch mob if they do find him.”

He takes a breath and then continues.

“Now, I’m not forcing you to take this on, but we will be in a lot of hot water here if you don’t agree. And it’s not just Eli and not just on this mesa. Quarrytown is a major provider of ghost rock in The Great Maze and major changes here can shift the balance of the factions throughout the maze significantly. Will you do this? It’s just for two weeks.”

  • The posse agree, and there is not much time to explain the newest developments from Lost Angels or talk about the petroglyph in Quarrytown before they turn in, but Lacy’s sources say that three Elders have left Lost Angels on missions that are most likely covers for a manhunt. One of the Elders on the mission is Woolbright.
A Halloween One Shot, but with ramifications for a beloved NPC…

Lacy O’Malley, esteemed reporter for the Tombstone Epitaph, always heads right for the action to report the story, but even this is a little too much for him. The Great Maze Wars rage on in this part of California and he is currently held up in a bunker with a group of children while the factions battle it out. And he is hiding from something else.

Every child’s face is an expression of fear and this troubles Lacy more than the battle going on above them. He gathers them together to calm them down and occupy their fears by telling a story, a dark story, but also a story of heroes, two incredible people he recently came to know who helped others in need.

  • Abigale and Anafiel arrive in the small Kansas town of Leavenworth. They received a message from their acquaintances, the Smith family, asking them for help in an unknown matter. Today is Halloween.
  • At the general store Abigale and Anafiel express their dismay at the lack of festivities for the holiday. The townspeople say that they don’t celebrate all that much for fear of upsetting the spirits.
  • The two arrive at the Smith home and reunite with Ben and Elizabeth Smith. Their daughter, Emma, is missing.
  • The parents explain their plight. To save the crops from the Boogymen, every year on Halloween, for the past five years, the town has given up a few of their citizens. A black, horseless carriage arrives at midnight and takes them away to the woods to the north where they are never seen again. This year Emma is one of the chosen.
  • Abigale and Anafiel ask the parents several questions that they answer to the best of their ability.
  • A mad preacher, Jebediah, comes every year before Halloween to deliver the names of the people who have been “wicked” and that need to be sacrificed.
  • Nothing out of the ordinary for a small town seemed to happen before the Boogymen arrived, just random events like the one time elopement and freak accident.
  • Abigale and Anafiel promise to help Emma and the town and head for the jail to talk with her.
  • Emma says she did go into the woods on a dare and saw a clearing and trail. In regards to the claim that she did something wicked, she admits that she kissed a boy once behind a barn, but Anafiel and Abigale quickly dismiss her fears and any connection to her current position.
  • When they ask her to think about any odd people she mentions Doctor Mathis. His teenage son Joey died in the freak accident on a farm he worked at as a hired hand and his father has since moved away miles to the north.
  • Abigale and Anafiel stop at the cemetery of the town to see the markers for the previous years’ victims as well as Joey’s grave marker with fresh laid flowers before it before they head over to the woods.
  • The tracks of the prisoner’s carriage are still present in the trail and much deeper than expected for such a vehicle if it were wood. At the clearing Abigale examines a tree and discovers that is hollow and contains a lever.
  • When she pulls the lever a door in the floor of the clearing opens, smoke billows, and a seven-foot “Boogeyman” comes out, pumpkin for a head, long, lanky arms, and a dark voice screaming “Feeeeearrrr meeeeeeee!”.
  • Flames come out of its hands badly singeing the heroes’ hair. Anafiel cuts the Boogeyman’s arms off with his katana revealing metal and mechanical parts.
  • When the heroes quell the creature they see it is clearly a machine. They begin to suspect that the doctor is some sort of scientist and in revenge for his son’s death he orchestrated the unhappy “spirits” to punish the town.
  • Abigale and Anafiel follow the underground tunnel for miles until it reaches the doctor’s residence. Peaking out of the exit, they see the carriage in a barn with an automaton working on the wheel.
  • When the automaton finishes the repairs it deactivates. They enter the shed, look outside and see a lighting and thunderstorm brewing. The lighting briefly illuminates a dark tower nearby.
  • In the hopes of finding any of the previous victims still alive they active an automaton and give it orders to “guard the prisoners”. The automaton walks to the base of the tower and stands in front of the door when it cannot comprehend the doorknob.
  • Abigale and Anafiel enter into the first room, a type of library, find the secret flight of stair behind a bookshelf, and enter the Doctor’s horrific lab. Body parts are all about and even parts of the furniture while unknown liquids and substances brew.
  • The head of a female is on one of the benches and attached to wires. She begins to speak and asks for her hands that then begin to attack the heroes.
  • After subduing the hands they speak with her and she tells them about “Joey” and the doctor. She has faint recollections of the life before, but “she” is really the minds of several of the previous victims, built by the doctor to test the capabilities of the human mind. The head sadly asks for Abigale and Anafiel to kill them, and they disconnect the wires.
  • They continue up the stairs until they find a room with a deformed man holding a baseball bat. He is rather hideous since he looks like a patchwork of body parts from more than one person.
  • The man says his name is Joey, but he interacts in a manner similar to a person with mental retardation. He is more likely a perverted attempt by the doctor to recreate his son.
  • Joey asks the heroes if they are there to play with him. However, his “father” is in the room above, hears them talking, and tells Joey to kill the visitors.
  • He makes his way over to the heroes to bash their skulls in with the bat when Abigale picks up a ball and starts tossing it in her hand. She convinces him to play with her and tosses him the ball. He hits it with his bat and sends the ball smashing into the opposite wall.
  • After some more fun times with the ball, the doctor starts to come down. Abigale and Anafiel convince Joey to go downstairs while they talk with his “father”.
  • The doctor enters the room holding a modified gun at the ready. Anafiel tells him that they are scouts from the baseball team in Kansas City and they think Joey is perfect to join the team.
  • The doctor however is not convinced and fires his atomizer gun. At the same time Abigale slices into it with the katana. BOOM! The explosion knocks her and Anafiel aside while part of the doctor’s face melts away.
  • The doctor runs up the stairs to his balcony room decorated with more body parts and turns on a jetpack. Anafiel manages to disable it, but the doctor is still able to jump out the window to the river below. Something appears to bob in the waves below, but it is hard to imagine anyone surviving the fall. They head back down to rejoin Joey.

“Abigale and Anafiel brought Joey to Kansas City with them and in no time he was signed up with the team. The town of Leavenworth rested in peace from that day forward and could once again celebrate Halloween without fear of the Boogyman. The End.”

All the children are in quiet awe. Not even the battle outside, even louder then ever, and much closer, breaks the tension.

“But what happened to Abigale and Anafiel?” one child finally pipes up. They all look at Lacy, begging for an answer.

“Ah yes, that reminds me…” Lacy looks over his shoulder at the door and his tone becomes slightly urgent. He pulls something out of his pocket.

“I need you to give this to Abigale or Anafiel when you see them.” Lacy holds out a medallion and chain and places it in the hand of the nearest child. “They’re here in California. Now, quick, under here! Hide now.”

A moment passes, then…

Bang! A man in a dark duster stands in the doorframe, backlit by the bright explosions outside.

“I’ve found you Lacy O’Malley.” A man’s voices says.

“Well, here I am,” Lacy says in faux resignation as he raises his hands and steps forward into the night.


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