A device with unknown origins that allows communication over long distances. The heroes have two of them.


The motorola is an odd device, made of a material harder than leather, but softer than metal. Orange-red in color. Its shaped like a brick, perferated with holes. There is a small button on the side that when pressed, activates the device. While activated, sounds uttered at one end, come out the other end. The sounds are somewhat amplified, so its difficult to be stealthy while using it. Its says “motorla” on the side, with a funny red circle with a stylized “M” inside of it.

Although probably an infernal device, it so far doesn’t seem to need to be recharged, nor is there an obvious way to open it.

The device was in the Explorer’s Society vault in Shan Fan. Although records were lost, Captian Roderick Pennington-Smythe recalls vaguely that it was found somewhere on a mesa in the southern Maze.


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