Abigale's Letter

A letter addressed to Abigale Lewis informing her of her brother's incarceration in the Rock Island Prison


To Miss Abigale Lewis

I hope this letter reaches you safely because it concerns a very urgent matter. I am a friend of your brother, Elijah West, and he is in grave danger. See, just a little while ago your brother heard you were in California, so about eight days ago he and I arrived in Lost Angels and were looking around the city. It was shortly after curfew when we encountered a flight of Grimme’s. They tried to place us under arresst! Eli managed to hold them off so I could escape and the next morning I heard he was taken to the Rock Island Prison. Although I tried to find out what happened to him, they oddly won’t let me see him, and now say that they don’t know who he is! I was sure there was nothing I could do for the man, so I left the city on the first boat I found and thought to find some work mining around Shan Fan. You can imagine my astonishment when I heard of your name shortly after I arrived, as well as the news that you and the rest of your posse sunk the Abysmal of all ships. So I believe you are the only person I can turn to help Eli. I beg you to rescue him and do your best to convince your friends to help as well.

I am sorry that I am unable to deliver this letter to you in person, but I got on the wrong side of some of the Triad goons here in Shan Fan and I need to make great haste after completing this letter. The other items included with this message is a personal letter Elijah wrote in case the worst happened while the two of us traveled to Lost Angels, as well as some of his affects I was able to recover. In case you need to personally contact me I am planning on staying in the area of Quarrytown for the time being.

Edgar Scott


Abigale's Letter

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