The Child

A hideous child who captivated the city of Shan Fan until the heroes severed his control. Weakened, he escaped.


A week after the Battle of Shan Fan a hideous male child appeared in the city; a derivative of the creature previously terrorizing the populace that the heroes believed they had destroyed. In keeping with appearances his mind is also childlike and demonstrates unawareness of his origins, although he has vague memories of the people who had “hurt” him, our heroes.

In short time he exerted telepathic control over almost all people in the area and a witch took her place as his caretaker. As the spellbound citizens lavished the child with toys he became increasingly spoiled and short tempered. Experiments costing the lives of hundreds of people were carried out in order discover a method to separate the child from the creature.

When the heroes freed the earth spirit and thus destroyed the creature, or the “Heart of the Child”, the child screamed and shriveled to the size of an infant. Only quick thinking from his caretaker and the successes of the experiments managed to prevent him from dying. The witch left the city to raise the infant in exchange for a quantity of Anthony’s blood to strengthen the child, which Anthony consented to.

The Child

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