Sam Hellman

A friend of Lacey's who was investigating Grimm, before vanishing. Rescued by the posse from the Rock Island Prison.


Samuel Hellman is a veteran Agent who worked on collecting information on the Church of Lost Angels and California for the Agency. Eventually he planned a failed assassination of Grimme, was captured by the Church, and taken to the Rock Island Prison. There he met an Indian Shaman, Sees Far Ahead, who said he knew a way to kill Grimme for good and entrusted Hellman with some of his remains after his death. When the posse broke into the prison they found him beaten within an inch of his life.

After escaping and recuperation, Hellman relayed all the information he had on the Church to the posse and sent them to find the shaman Born in a Bowl. However, he was shocked to hear from Anafiel that Grimme was already “dead” at the hands of Lu Dongbin’s Sword. He was last seen by the posse taking a train back east to deliver the sword for study at the Agency Headquarters in Chicago.

Sam Hellman

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