A brief companion of the posse.


A former disgraced martial artist for Big Ears Tam, his master agreed to pardon his life if he could kill one of the posse. However, when Tam sprung his trap the heroes defeated all the fighters and wounded Liang. When Tam revealed the nature of his trap and suggested he would kill Liang for his failure, Anafiel demanded that he be let go in part of the deal for service from the posse. Tam relented and Liang traveled with the heroes for several days. He became quite awestruck with the posse, especially the warrior priest who saved his life, Anafiel, and thus began to practice a form of Christianity. Eventually he felt inadequate in comparison to the heroes and humbly parted ways with them.

However, they formed a lasting impression on him and, when the city of Shan Fan fell under possession, he formed and lead a successful resistance against these powers. During the events he encountered the posse again, however, only Abigale was the remaining member of the group he originally traveled with. Together they liberated Shan Fan.


Reporting on The Flood relativistic achrmy