A powerful entity hunting the Gan in the future, tied somehow to the past


Jordrava is apparently an ancient entity. Its ambiguous if he was ever human, as in 2110 his body has become warped by the consumption of five great Gan.

He provdied an alternative path for the heroes. Grimme was most likely created by some person or group of magic practitioners. He was hestitant to positively identify those responsible as Grimme’s Elders, but he didn’t rule it out either.

He pointed them to the ancient city of Nib, where great necromancers originally formulated the spells used to great an abomination such as Grimme. He suggested they go to Nib’s ruins, under the Devil’s Postpiles, to find evidence of who or what had been digging there to discover this ancient power.

Jordrava finished his meeting with the posse by sending them back in time, with a casual wave of his hand.


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