Garret Black

The Self Described Angel of Death


Garret Black claims that he is a humble, yet skilled bounty hunter. This could not be further from the truth. The posse does not know much about him, but what little they do know is enough to tell them that he should be avoided at all costs. They know that he is affiliated with the Church of Lost Angels, but not beholden to them. Even The Elders appear frightened of Garret. The only thing he feels any loyalty for is Grimme. This enough would be grounds for caution, but the most disturbing revelation about Black came from a vision of events from twelve years ago. In the vision, Black is seen as a member of Reverend Grimme’s flock and survived the initial effects of the Great Quake. However, he responded to the starving conditions in the aftermath with violence and for this the Reverend shot him dead. However, he is still up and walking about California.

It seems now that Garret Black is actually Grimme’s “troubleshooter”, The Angel Of Death. He seems to really view himself as the Angel of Death.

Observed extra-normal abilities:

  • Sprout wings
  • Dark armor pulsating with shadow.
  • His gun seems to never run dry
  • His wings sparked, then burst into flame, and he shot up to the sky like a comet, the clouds wrapping around him.

Unconfirmed abilities:

  • He may have some way to see in the dark.
  • He may be immortal.
  • He may be an… angel?
  • If he’s the same guy that attacked the posse on the boat, he was able to shoot dark, purplish lighting at the posse from long range.

Our heroes meet him for the first time face to face in Quarrytown and soon realize that he is behind a string of murders in the mining town. What happened was, after Grimme “died”, Black tracked a relative of the posse and framed him for subsequent murders in order to lure in our heroes. Specifically, Black’s motivation derives from his delusions that, as the Angel of Death, it is his destiny to kill the posse, Anafiel in particular, and resurrect Grimme.

The posse and Black come to blows a few times, each occasion coming away battered, but still whole, until the heroes ambush him at his hideout. After his defeat they burn his body, confident that the Angel of Death has finally been laid to rest.

Garret Black

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