Abigale Lewis

A drifter who likes to fancy herself a philosopher.


Abigail Lewis was born Nov 17 1849. She was the youngest of three
children; her mother died in childbirth leaving her father, a banker,
a widower. After the death of her mother, she and her siblings lived
most of the time with her mother’s parents who owned a plantation in
Virginia. Her grandfather doted on the children, especially her two
older brothers, since all of his own children had already died.

When the war came, her family was shattered. Her grandfather supported
the Confederacy, her father the Union and her oldest brother joined
the Union army while her younger brother joined the Confederacy army.
Disillusioned by human nature, confused between the fighting in her
own family and country, and no word on the fate of her brothers, she
finally left home in the year 1864 with only a short letter to her
grandmother. She and her grandmother exchanged a few letters before
she set off deep in the West with only the clothes on her back and
whatever truth she would encounter. She has not heard from her family
for over thirteen years and does not know if any of her brothers are
alive or dead.

Abigale Lewis

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