Reporting on The Flood

The Spirit of Competition

  • After the heroes finish speaking with Monroe about his plan they continue to work towards a fair election in Quarrytown. Their biggest concern is dealing with Kurtz’s methods of intimidation.
  • That evening the posse stake out the candidate’s residence. Jo acts as a lookout for the hired thugs and uses the Motorola to alert Max and Abigale.
  • The later two enter the residence and meet with Kurtz under pretense before the group of thugs arrive, lead by a tall, tough woman named Lucy who has a mechanical arm. They eavesdrop on the conversation and hear Kurtz tell Lucy and her entourage that the Stetsons have been speaking out against him. Kurtz also pays additional damage fees to give the mayor and sheriff a “warning.”
  • The posse runs ahead to the Stetson carpentry shop to warn the businessman. Jo hires a young boy and aspiring pilot to alert Lacy O’Malley and they all wait in hiding.
  • Late in the evening Lucy and about a dozen thugs arrive. They start harassing Mr. Stetson and when the threats become physical the heroes emerge and start fighting. They see a stick of dynamite taped around Stetson’s mouth, which Lucy subsequently lights.
  • Max dodges and ducks several attacks as she runs towards Stetson and neatly strikes off the fiery end of the dynamite fuse with her sword.
  • Jo and Max deliver deadly blows against Lucy. The remaining thugs surrender and the posse take them to jail.
  • Lacy agrees to publish a story in the paper and make Kurtz’s dealings public. The posse also decides that Max should investigate Kurtz although they decide not to arrest him for the time being.


relativistic achrmy

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