Reporting on The Flood

The Battle's Outcome

Wrenches Thrown In the Mix

  • While both sides are exchanging more fire Will suddenly appears, having teleported from Quarrytown. Shortly after he joins the fight, panicked men come from the engine room, reporting monstrosities down below. Jo and Will leave to investigate.
  • Meanwhile, Max fights under the guise of the necklace onboard The Conquistador when the ghost appears again, demanding the necklace. Max avoids her and ambushes Captain Blood, killing him.
  • Down in the engine room Jo and Will find several seawater soaked zombies lead by an Aztec sorcerer. They eliminate the undead and incapacitate the sorcerer.
  • Back on the two ships, Abigale and the sailors drive back the boarding party. Soldiers and pirates flee as they see Captain Blood suddenly fall dead. Max takes off the necklace, but the ghost does not disappear, instead she appears increasingly corporal and threatening.

The battle on the ferry is winding down; some soldiers flee the way they came, others give up their weapons.

You cannot see the deck of the battleship from here and that is troubling. You still hear a ruckus from the boarding ship, although the noises sound strange. Max is over there and you begin to feel worried. Jo and Will are still not back from down below, but you go with Abigale towards the boarding plank and finally see the activity on the opposite ship.

Soldiers and pirates are fleeing frantically from the bow of the ship, but their flight cannot be because of the fighting. What on earth would cause them to react this way?

You can see Max, visible now, as well as the thing that answers your question. A woman, dressed in a ballroom gown, flies just above the deck and you immediately realize she is the ghost affiliated with the necklace, although you have never seen her quite like this. Instead of a grey, misty appearance now she looks very solid. Her eyes are dark, and her body flares bright yellow and orange, as though it is wreathed in flames.

She stabs with a dagger and Max barely dodges the blow with a swift roll and pivot. With the ghost momentarily distracted she runs for cover. All the while you and Abigale are dashing towards the fight, although you have no idea what either of you can do against a ghost. Abigale shouts out to distract it while you glance behind and see Jo and Will emerging from below decks, just now seeing the rapidly devolving situation.

The ghost ignores you and Abigale; all her rage is directed at Max. “GIVE ME BACK MY NECKLACE!” She grasps an abandoned gatling gun turret, wrenches it out of the base, and throws it overhead, the metal glowing red-hot.

Max dives out of the way just as the gatling gun crashes into the deck behind her, leaving a large dent and splintered wood. The ghost’s face is even more distorted with rage and she charges after Max who breaks off into a run. Your friend’s situation looks dire.

Abigale dashes after them and opens her canteen. She flings the contents up onto the ghost.

On contact, the ghost’s fiery back dies down and with a cry she immediately falls onto the deck. The respite is brief however, Max only has enough time to find cover before the ghost flares up and charges again.

Max takes a step back and kicks over a barrel between her and the ghost. The top comes off and a gush of water floods over the ghost who screams as she appears to dissolve into the water and the soaked deck.

The Dust Settles

  • After witnessing the posse take down the terrifying ghost the pirate ship formally surrenders. Some of the more nefarious pirates are taken to the brig, but most of the men are given a reprieve. A mix of pirates and sailors man The Conquistador.
  • On Captain Blood’s body the heroes find a note from Santa Anna. Apparently, the goal of the attack was to capture the super ferry and use the state of the art ship to assist the land war in the Great Maze.
  • The posse interrogates the psychopathic Aztec sorcerer. After the posse promise to release him he reveals troubling affairs coming out of Mexico. The Aztecs are planning to drive out all whites living in Mexico. He also speaks of a terrible Aztec god by the name Cipatli.
  • He reveals Jane Juno is being tracked because in the past she banished someone powerful to the spirit world. Her blood is the ingredient in a ritual to retrieve this person.


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