Reporting on The Flood

The Battle at Dead Man's Point

The Battle Begins…

  • Emerging from the mines after the successful rescue and discovery of the glyph, our heroes plan more details for the defense against Captain Blood’s attack on the supply ferry in three days time. They send messages to the volunteers to prepare to leave early the following morning. The general goal is to intercept the supply ferry before the pirate ambush, position fighters on deck, allow the pirates to board before springing the trap, and have the other boats fire on Captain Blood’s vessel. Meanwhile, Max will sneak onboard under the influence of the necklace of invisibility.
  • Elijah Lewis expresses the desire to join his sister and the rest of the posse on the mission, even though Abigale prefers that he not do so. When they gather early the next morning she pricks him with the plant sprig from the White Lotus Society, knocking him unconscious, much to Max’s irritation.
  • At the docks the posse meet a man named Captain Garfield from the gunboat. They account for two additional mazerunners, Lacy O’Malley, and eight mercenaries before setting off.
  • On the way the posse inform Lacy and the captain about their plans to general agreement. At Dead Man’s Point, the rumored location of the attack, the sailors and the posse scout out areas looking for narrow channels for escape and shallow areas for scuttling vessels. The area is generally full of sharp rocks and prone to thick fog, warranting a lighthouse on a nearby mesa.
  • After hearing an unholy racket in the distant, the posse sails out to meet the supper ferry. It is the strangest boat they have ever seen and definitely the largest, over seven hundred yards in length and almost as tall as it is long. The whole boat is such a mishmash of steel parts that it rather resembles a building under construction, although everything seems to function together and create a very efficient vessel.
  • On board the ferry, the posse meets Captain Yolanda Ortega. Her face turns pale when they tell her what lies ahead and she orders full stop. Then she turns to the posse and says that her orders are to take an alternate route that will add weeks on the voyage to Quarrytown.
  • The heroes convince her of their capabilities and responsibility and she entrusts them with the safety of the vessel and her crew. After setting people and things in place the ferry continues to steam forward.
  • As they pass the lighthouse the posse hear an explosion. Rocks cascade down from the mesa blocking the channel ahead. Captain Blood’s ship, The Conquistador, appears behind them.
  • Over a loudspeaker Blood calls for the surrender of the ferry. Over the Motorola Jo tells Lacy and Captain Garfield about the drastic change and they move towards the other side of the blocked channel. The crew of the ferry and the posse agree to feign surrender.

The channel is too narrow for the ship of the line to broadside you, but that is little comfort as the massive battle ship draws closer and you see a few cannons on the bow and two mounted gatling guns.

Through the spyglass you catch sight of the crew massing on deck. Most of them look like the general ragtag, loose pirates of the Maze, but there are also about a dozen men in uniform that must be the Mexican marines Lacy spoke of.

Then there is Captain Blood standing before them, wearing a crisp uniform in the Mexican colors, scabbard lifted in air, rallying the men. As they draw ever closer you see that he is a tall man with a full head of hair elegantly slicked back and chiseled good looks.

At that moment Jo stands up and pulls a sailor aside. You can’t hear him from where you are, but Abigale’s face brightens up, so you guess he must have said something good. You also can’t see or hear Max, located closest to the stern, but you know she has the necklace in hand and several ideas of her own.

A large plank made of ghost steel swings out from The Conquistador, slamming into the stern of the ferry and pinching into the deck. Grappling hooks with chains swing outwards. Two by two, the marines begin to cross. You give an encouraging nod to the volunteer soldiers near you and look down the barrel of your gun.


A shower of rocks rain down from the mesa where the cannons of your gunboat impacted. Immediately the men on the plank are in disarray. You fire at one of them and level your sight on another. The deafening sounds of heavy gunfire seem to come from everywhere as the gatling guns start up, but you chose a spot with good cover.

Suddenly the entire ferry begins to rock back and forth along its length. As you gather your bearings and see a man fall off the plank into the water you realize the nature of Jo’s idea. You steady yourself as you prepare to fire again. Thus begins the Battle at Dead Man’s Point.


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