Reporting on The Flood

Old and New Friends

Election Day

  • In the last few days leading up to the election our heroes continue to monitor the situation. Max does not find enough evidence to secure a jail cell for Kurtz, but she does find documentation on his bribery of the local paper. As this and more of Kurtz’s deeds become public, the townsfolk stage protests outside the residency that the sheriff subsequently controls.
  • February 24 is Election Day and Watson wins by a landslide. There is celebration all over town.
  • The next morning Roger Monroe finds our heroes. He says that he has reestablished contact with The Church of Lost Angels and they have asked him to remain in Quarrytown and establish a church. Monroe believes he should go along with their request and the heroes agree.
  • Monroe also tells them that the only other survivor of Garret Black’s entourage, the Guardian Angel Kate, died last night.
  • At the hospital Kate’s doctor explains to the posse that she lost her leg, but was expected to make a full recovery. There are no external signs for suspicion and the posse ask for an autopsy.
  • At noon Abigale swears in the new mayor, Luke Watson. He approaches Max after the ceremony to ask her if she would continue as sheriff and she does not decline.
  • Later the posse receives a visitor, Max’s quirky cousin and mad scientist, Ray. Despite her odd behavior the heroes trust her and accept her into their fold. Max decides to stay in Quarrytown as sheriff.
  • Disturbing results from the autopsy come in and show that Kate’s heart is now a lump of flaky coal. The heroes convey the news to Monroe, but he is equally baffled.
  • The next morning Jo, Abigale, and Max leave for Shan Fan to trigger the third glyph on the Isle of Ghost Tears. Things are coming back to normal since The Child incident, but some areas still lack the former rowdy and dangerous atmosphere. Abigale guides the others to The White Lotus Society.

Not Quite At Rest

Pennington-Smythe leads Abigale, Jo, and Ray to a small, back room. There are no windows, the only light comes from a couple of oil lamps in the room that cast long shadows around the bits of furniture and other articles.

“While you were in Quarrytown-“ Pennington-Smythe begins, but Abigale holds up her hand to silence him. Her face has turned the color of dry milk and her eyes are wide open, fixed on the person seated in the room.

Jo and Ray look perplexed at first and then slightly wary. The seated man stares straight-ahead, motionless, eyes open. He has short hair and a face covered with painful looking red blisters, but the shadows conceal most of his appearance.

Pennington-Smythe walks over next to Abigale who is shaking slightly. “It’s all right. He’s just coming out of it-“ At that moment the seated man jerks upright. Abigale jumps as well.

The man turns and looks straight at her. “Abigale!” His voice is slightly hoarse, but articulate.

She takes an inadvertent step back and continues to stare straight at him. After a moment of silence she speaks. “Who…who are you?”

“I’m Anafiel.”

  • Pennington-Smythe explains the shock of Abigale’s life and clarifies the situation for the rest of the heroes. They were about to burn Anafiel’s body when suddenly his eyes opened. What has happened is called “harrowing”. Anafiel’s body is still dead, but the person’s spirit continues to posses the body due to the power of an evil spirit called a Manitou that shares the body with the person.
  • Anafiel explains what happened after his death from his point of view. As he felt himself rise out of his body he saw the soul of the Grimme’s doppelganger go to the south. Then a Manitou appeared and offered Anafiel an opportunity to return to his body. Anafiel considered what is left to be done in the world and agreed to use the borrowed time offered to him. He says that he has considerable control over the Manitou at this time.
  • Jo accepts a proposition from Pennington-Smythe to join the Necessity Alliance in order to search for the locations of the remaining glyphs. After moving past her shock Abigale catches Anafiel up on recent events and they make plans to investigate the Isle of Ghost Tears the following day.


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